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Cactus Flats, El Paso, TX

Mainly a pizza place, Cactus Flats is the kind of comfy place you’d envision when you think of a hometown pizza spot. But unlike most pizza places, they don’t carry ice cream bars or the cheapest ice cream around. They make their own!

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Sacred Grounds, Ruidoso, New Mexico

Sacred Grounds has some pretty delicious gelato and sorbet. Located in Ruidoso, a really cute tourist town in the mountains, it’s a large, beautiful cafe. Unfortunately, I almost left without trying their gelato! Here’s the full scoop on why. 

When I arrived at Sacred Grounds, it was a very busy place. I knew I probably wouldn’t be able to try much, and I was okay with that. But what I didn’t expect was to be dealing with a pretty clueless staff member behind the counter. 

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Mexican Ice Cream in Albuquerque

La Michoacana de Paquime, I will be the first to admit, was my first experience with homemade Mexican ice cream. Found in Albuquerque, it’s in a relatively small shop that also offers popsicles and a lot of savory Mexican fare.La Michoacana de Paquime, Albuquerque, NM | In Search of a Scoop

I was nervous about the language barrier, since I don’t speak Spanish, so I did a quick google search so I’d at least know what the different flavors meant. (Especially an issue when you’re gluten-free.) I had absolutely no reason to fear – my server was easygoing and happy to serve me in English.

I tried several flavors and thought that two flavors in a small for $2.75 was an awesome deal. I went with a medium, and my husband went small. If you want an even smaller dish, you can pay $1.40 for a baby, and the sizes go up to $8 for a pint.

There’s plenty of seating inside, so be sure to come rain or shine, winter or summer. Here’s what I thought of the flavors, with the caveat that I’ve only had Mexican ice cream a couple of times at most:La Michoacana de Paquime, Albuquerque, NM | In Search of a Scoop

Guava – This wasn’t particularly creamy, but the guava flavor is super tasty! This reminded me of a typical, premium strawberry ice cream in terms of its texture. The fruit chunks were awesome.

Piñon (pine nut) -Wow! This was a super creamy base, with almost a hint of bubble gum in the sweet base, with pine nuts. It was also a touch of fruitiness. This was so good! Truly excellent. It reminds me vaguely of pina colada. I bet their pistachio is great too!

Chocolate – This was very smooth, with a light chocolate flavor. It’s creamy and not overly sweet. This is a good one for those wanting traditional flavors.

This place is great! One word of warning – there isn’t a public bathroom. So come prepared.La Michoacana de Paquime, Albuquerque, NM | In Search of a Scoop

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Robin’s Nest in House of Windsor, CO

Do you ever have a day where, despite every attempt, you’re just off? Things don’t go as expected, you can’t stay calm and happy despite a wonderful and fun day….this Wednesday I had one of those days. My husband and I had set out to explore a nearby town in Colorado, and as part of our adventuring, he had done his due diligence to find us a place to get ice cream during the visit. 

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The Taste of Sweet Action in Denver, CO

On a recent trip to Denver, I knew I needed to get some delicious homemade ice cream, but I had an unusual dilemma; there were too many choices! I had to weave through about a dozen different options to discern which one might be both delicious and relatively near my route. I left many options for next time, but I’m so glad I went with Sweet Action for my first ice cream in Denver. 

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Heifer and the Hen

As you may recall, when I visited Boulder in June, I visited three different homemade ice cream spots. After enjoying a scoop at Glacier and Sweet Cow, my final stop was Heifer and the Hen, an organic creamery, and one with only one location, rather than multiple like both Glacier and Sweet Cow.

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