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Wondermade in Sanford, FL

Wondermade in downtown Sanford, Florida is a super sweet spot with lovely and enthusiastic owners. In addition to homemade ice cream, they sell lots of nice chocolate bars, honeys and a wide selection of homemade marshmallows (including delightful alcoholic flavors like Fireball!) to enjoy in various ways or to take home. I would love to try a “krispwich” aka a sandwich of rice krispie treats and ice cream, someday.

If you need a drink, they’ve got hot and iced chocolate as well as iced honey milk to enjoy, and you can order their marshmallows and hot chocolates for delivery around most of the U.S. There’s even a “mallow of the month” club!

During our visit, they were experimenting with waffles for in-store enjoyment. I couldn’t try them myself being gluten-free, but my husband absolutely raved about them, and we always love free samples of course.

Here’s what I tried:

Nutella – This was very good! It’s a creamy, lighter flavor for fans of Nutella (like me).

Avocado – It’s so fluffy and not too sweet – honestly, a pretty awesome rendition!

Churro – I can’t believe this is gluten-free! It’s a cinnamon sugar ice cream. It’s super satisfying, like the cinnamon sugar on a churro or maybe a cinnamon bun. I got one amazing huge bite full of cinnamon sugar too.

Salted Caramel – This is light, with a whipped texture almost reminiscent of marshmallow (honestly, that texture holds true for many of their flavors). It’s unique, and very good, though it won’t make my top five.

Cornbread – My husband tried this and found it to be excellent! It’s sweet and smooth, with lots of chunks of cornbread.

All of the flavors have a whipped and fluffy base – all of them! Interestingly, it’s NOT always super creamy, but the consistency is there within each flavor, and it’s really unique and fun.

There are also lots of vegan and non-dairy flavors to try here for the future.

I loved the whipped and fluffy base – it reminded me of the delightful ice cream place that has unfortunately closed in downtown Roswell. All of the ice cream was very good and consistent, with cornbread and churro truly knocking it out of the park.

We also took home Fireball marshmallows and would highly recommend their marshmallows if you’re considering an order. They’d make amazing stocking stuffers or less expensive gifts for someone who is harder to buy for. And that mallow of the month club sounds pretty sweet too, no pun intended.

They’re willing to cram multiple flavors into any size, which my dedicated readers know is a major selling point for me. They have good portions, and it came to $10.36 for a small and medium, which felt pretty reasonable to us.

If it wasn’t for COVID-19, we would have returned several more times to Wondermade. Sanford is a delightful community and worth a visit for lunch or a stop by the water, and there are wonderful coffee shops nearby too including this non-profit dedicated to ending human trafficking.

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An Epic Ice Cream Adventure Through Tampa, FL – Part 2

It’s hard to imagine a day better spent than one visiting three different homemade ice cream places, eating booza (an Arabic style of ice cream), Thai-style hand-rolled ice cream and a spicy goat cheese based ice cream in Tampa, amongst many others. Here’s part 2 of the thrilling adventure.

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Homemade Ice Cream in Orlando!

You might have been able to detect a bit of excitement from the title of this blog. If you did, you’re incorrect. There was actually a ton of excitement behind that blog title.

You may be thinking, why is Orlando so special? You’ve had homemade ice cream all over the country!

Well, you’d be forgiven for thinking that. The unfortunate reality is that the Orlando area suffers from a severe lack of homemade ice cream options.

You’ve got your soft-serve yogurt places. You’ve got soft-serve ice cream places. And you’ve occasionally got places that serve the hard stuff too – mostly Baskin Robbins and the like, but occasionally it’s a local shop carrying some ice cream they purchased from a distributor. And if you’re seeking gelato, you’ll find occasional options too, although I’m most excited to hear that Gelato Fiasco is opening an Orlando location soon.

But if you want homemade ice cream, made by the shop you’re purchasing it in, I wish you luck. Seriously. I’ve been in Davenport for more than three and a half months now, and finding anything less than a forty-five minute drive just wasn’t happening.

But yesterday was my day. We were in Orlando playing a concert, so we decided to adventure in the area while we were there. In searching for a botanical garden, I stumbled onto Kelly’s Homemade Ice Cream. Ross and I decided we were obligated to stop. And wow – I’m sure glad that we did!

The outside is rather unassuming, with a light pink font amidst a very humble strip mall. But when you enter, you’ll be charmed by its light pink walls and sunny demeanor.

Affordable prices at Kelly'sPrices are extremely reasonable for a city, at $3.50 for a decent-sized small, $4.50 for well-portioned regular and $5.50 for a large. And if you are struggling to decide, you can get a couple of flavors in a regular (as well as a small, I believe) or three flavors in a large…or you can get an ice cream flight!

Ice cream flights are one of my favorite things. You typically pay a little more for the pleasure of a wide selection of flavors. In this case, I actually think it’s a very good deal. For $8.50 (plus tax), you’ll get four mini-waffle bowls, each with a scoop and change of a different flavor. For $10.50, they’ll be sundaes, with a topping and whipped cream and a cherry on each of them. They’ve got shakes and and shaved ice and other awesomeness too, and they have a lot of “signature” flavors, classics plus a rotating selection of seasonal scoops to try.

As usual, we tried lots of flavors, and unsurprisingly, I got an ice cream flight. It seemed like a fair price even without the waffle bowls (which I can’t eat due to gluten) but my husband Ross enjoyed snacking on them, so all wasn’t lost. Ross got a regular with two flavors.

Four cupcake holder filled with ice cream scoopsHere’s our report!

Lavendar Vanilla – This is the strongest lavender I’ve had! It’s really prominent and bright, but you taste the vanilla too; it’s a great complement. It does melt rather quickly, but not horribly. I think this flavor is best in smaller doses because it’s intense, and it almost gains in tensity as you eat more of it! It’s not quite as creamy as I’d prefer, but it’s still got plenty of creaminess.

Valen-thyme Honey – A great seasonal option. First you taste the sweet, natural honey; then you taste the thyme; and the vanilla base is subtle but nice. I love the sweetness with a bit of bite combination. It’s excellent, refreshing flavor with a bit of pop. Like the lavendar vanilla, I could use a touch more creaminess if I had my choice, but it’s still plenty.

Key Lime – Wow. This is creamy and bright and the perfect taste of key lime juice. It’s almost like cheesecake filling, without any crust/graham cracker/mixins. This is probably the creamiest flavor here. I could eat this every day. Refreshing and creamy…this is the best key lime I’ve ever had.

Maple Bourbon Bacon – It’s a maple base, with a hint of bourbon lending it a bit of wood or nuttiness, and the bacon is perfectly crispy. The bacon is also perfectly distributed so that we both found we had a little bit in every bite, although maple is the showcase here. The maple is outstanding, prominent with a deepness to it and that wonderful maple sweetness.

Cake Batter ‘n Sprinkles – Although this isn’t earth-shattering, it’s a really great cake batter base. High quality for sure, can’t really ask for more, and the sprinkles are a fun texture throughout. It’s a creamy base, but it has a firmness to it too, almost like a brownie or something else harder than ice cream…fudgy perhaps. I’m a huge fan of Blake’s cake batter ice cream (it has cake and frosting in it!) but I have to assume that this base would kick that base’s butt. Very well done.

Mexican Chocolate – This is a more subtle heat than I expected. Cinnamon is prominent here. It’s very nice, but definitely not my favorite for this type of thing.

The staff here was friendly and patient and accommodated my request to have a bowl-less ice cream flight very well. Although we preferred the creaminess of the Maple Bourbon Bacon and the Key Lime, all of them were delicious. I’m so glad we found Kelly’s and I look forward to returning whenever we’re in the area. Definitely a gem!

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