Discovering La Lecheria in Santa Fe

La Lecheria is a gem of a place in downtown Santa Fe. It’s true craft ice cream, handmade and sourced locally and without any preservatives. AKA my favorite type of ice cream, of course.

We walked in on a cold winter day and were delighted to find an assortment of creative and gluten-free flavors to choose from. Their portions are small, but very reasonably priced for a city at $3 for a single, $5 for a double or $7 for a flight like I settled on.Board at La Lecheria, Santa Fe, NM | In Search of a Scoop

The staff was incredibly generous. As I kept trying flavor after flavor, she made it clear that I had no obligation to buy and could just try every single one if I wanted to! I ultimately decided to leave a couple of flavors for next time (vanilla bean and Iconik coffee), but I was definitely tempted to try them all. I found all of them (minus one) very creamy and extremely satisfying. Here’s what I tried:Ice cream flight, La Lecheria, Santa Fe, NM | In Search of a Scoop

Tahini White Chocolate – This has a bit of a nutty undertone, and the white chocolate was very subtle. It’s definitely a gentle flavor.

Mango Tamarind – The mango is very prominent here. The staff said it would be great with a little sea salt on it. That sounds pretty wonderful!

Miso Red Chile – This was really fun, but I didn’t find it super memorable.

Saffron Rose – This is definitely a prominent rose. It’s really delicious and creamy. Yum. This would be my preference over vanilla bean in general!

Green Chile – It starts spicy, then it’s creamy then after it’s spice again. I adore green chiles and I love this. It’s so creamy and I love the amount of sweetness. It only comes midway. It reminds me a bit of the green chile/cheese combo common in savory foods. It’s as great as I’d hoped.

Mint Chip – This has great chocolate with a touch of sweetness. You can taste the mint leaf. It’s a more natural version of the ice cream I love in Epcot. This makes my top three for mint chip, which is hard to do. Super super good. Epcot has the chocolate flakes, but this is amazing. It melts in your mouth and has just the right creaminess. This chocolate is real and deep and not too sweet and a nice size of chip too.

Chocolate Sea Salt- This reminds me of a darker chocolate mousse. It’s got the perfect touch of sea salt, just a bit. I found the consistency is almost of whipped cream! So light and frothy and kind of creamy.

La Lecheria is amazing. I still have tons to see in Santa Fe, but it’s currently my top recommendation. Eat and enjoy! Thank you, La Lecheria, I will be back soon! Santa Fe, NM | In Search of a Scoop


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