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Eating at Olson’s in Eau Claire, WI

Olson’s has a classy and super cute downtown location with parking nearby and Phoenix Park practically next door for exploring. It was one of those places that made me wish I could come back again soon – the location really can’t be beat! (They also have a Chippewa location, which I haven’t visited.)

Olson’s has reasonable prices, and they’re honestly great for a small city in a location like this. They have an extensive menu with lots of traditional flavors, but I had to go for the wilder ones. They also have a nice coffee menu and homemade waffles (including gluten-free)!

Here’s what I tried:

Lemon Poppyseed – This flavor wasn’t particularly a smooth base, but it’s a super fun flavor combination. The base was on the hard side, with a lovely bright flavor and of course the poppyseeds.

Maple Mania – My word. This is a maple base with a maple swirl. The base is less sweet, not super creamy but very consistent. The swirl was outrageous and sweet and really made the ice cream. It reminded me of waffles!

Chocolate Chip Cheesecake – They had me at “no crust” since I’m gluten-free…Oh my gosh! This is a cheesier, not super sweet, but very smooth cheesecake. To be fair, it isn’t my favorite cheesecake flavor ever, BUT the chocolate is great, the texture is awesome and it’s gluten-free. So worth a shot, ESPECIALLY if you’re gluten-free.

Raspberry Cheesecake – Luckily, this one is also without a crust. My favorite – the raspberry is SO luscious and bright and yummy! I really loved this one.

Next time I’m in town, the gluten-free waffle with ice cream for $8 will be an absolute must. Sounds like the perfect breakfast to me and I only wish I’d had more time.

Olson’s, you honestly comforted me a lot at a time when I really needed it – I was halfway through a solo trek across the country to get to my grandfather’s funeral. You’re the reason I stopped in Eau Claire for the night, and I’m so, so glad I did. I look forward to returning someday under happier circumstances!

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Macadons in Seattle, WA

Departing from my visit to Full Tilt, my cousin and I were immediately distracted by signs for both macarons and ice cream at Macadons. Despite the fact that I’d already eaten, I knew I’d need to carve out a little bit of extra space for an ice cream-filled macaron sandwich.

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Kickin’ Back at Pop’s Sugar Shack

IMG_6746Pop’s Sugar Shack is in Conklin, NY, which is basically Binghamton, according to several websites in a quick google search. My husband had suggested we spend the night in Binghamton as we were passing through – perfect choice, by the way – and after visiting an amazing comics & games shop, we found a delightful spot for some homemade ice cream.

IMG_6747This is a family-owned shop with both homemade gelato and homemade ice cream, and it’s adorably pink and out of the 50s or 60s. We loved the huge portions and the great prices here. A medium gives you three large scoops and was only $4.05 with tax. We tried so many flavors! Here’s our report.

Chocolate: This is a creamier version than the classic. Less chocolate flavor than usual..which makes it perfect to go with hot fudge on it.

IMG_6750Mint Chocolate Chip: This had real, full-size chocolate chips! It wasn’t too sweet, and the chips weren’t either. I might have enjoyed a slightly higher chip to ice cream ratio though.

Strawberry Cheesecake: No crust, so it’s good for the gluten-free among us! It’s a creamy cheesecake base, on the lighter side, with a prominent strawberry swirl. Delicious! This is a lighter take than many strawberry cheesecakes (no chunks etc.) but it’s one of my favorite versions. So creamy and cheesy!

IMG_6748Fireball: Yes, like the candy or the alcohol! It’s alternates between creamy and just like a fireball candy, with chunks of candy pieces. Original and very fun!

Chocolate Marshmallow: This wasn’t too sweet. The marshmallow is a delightful swirl, like fluff. The chocolate is about a medium in terms of darkness…and this is especially creamy!

Overall we loved how fluffy and creamy and delicious these ice creams were. They go down so smoothly! It’s awesome. And we did try some gelato – the pricing is very different from the ice cream (no mixing and matching between the two types) but we liked what we sampled.

Thank you for staying open into the fall, despite the cold! This was a wonderful visit. Go check out Pop’s Sugar Shack for yourselves!

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Ice Cream From Royalty in Milton, DE

Okay, royalty-based ice cream is a little silly. But this is from the same person who lived in a townhouse sandwiched between Dairy Queen and Burger King, leading for us to refer to it as the Royalty House.

But ice cream isn’t silly. It’s delicious! King’s Homemade Ice Cream Shop in Milton, Delaware is on a cute street in a cute town.


The reason we made the visit was to visit Dogfish Head Brewery (well worth the visit, even if you don’t drink beer!) but this ice cream shop, with “homemade” in its sign, caught my eye. It turned out to be the shop I’d seen reference to in a couple of articles under a slightly different name, so I’d never been able to locate it!

My husband, Ross, indulged me and said yes, go ahead and get some ice cream. So I did!

They were happy to let me combine multiple flavors in a small cup. Their portions were ample, and they had fantastic service, letting us try as many flavors as we wanted. They also offer some really fun-sounding yogurts.

It’s an adorable ice cream parlor – but there is no bathroom, so be prepared! They sell exclusively ice cream – no soda or coffee – and it’s a really nice place if you’re looking for an old-fashioned ice cream parlor. Here’s what i settled on.

Butter Brickle: This has a delicious butterscotch flavor. It might be a little cheap-tasting? But I really enjoyed it.

Scoops of ice cream in a paper cupMocha: This is a strong and distinct coffee flavor, with chocolate covered expresso beans. Yum!

Dutch chocolate: This is a very pleasant, rich medium chocolate flavor. It has a light and smooth texture, and it’s soft.

Overall, all of the ice cream was great, though not life-changing. The ice cream was soft so it will melt quickly if you take it outside in the heat.

After visiting another less stellar Delaware ice cream parlor, I was delighted to stumble on King’s Homemade Ice Cream. Thanks for the treat!Two 50s style tables and Norman Rockwell paintings near an ice crema bar

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