Jamie, author of this blog, is an arts practitioner, educator, administrator & devotee of all things ice cream and ice cream-related. It’s a rare day that passes without Jamie indulging in ice cream, frozen yogurt or a similar treat.

This blog chronicles her travels in the land of ice cream, with a focus on visiting local, hand-crafted and homemade ice cream stands and parlors wherever she goes. The goal of this blog is to become a resource on where to go to get your homemade ice cream, frozen yogurt or other sweet treat. Why settle for less?

Yes, ice cream is an acceptable meal option.

Yes, ice cream can be a part of a well-balanced diet.

And yes, good ice cream can make an okay day become a great day.

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  1. Matt Fenichel

    Hi Jamie (and Ross) Had to check out “insearchofascoop” as I am a “World Class Ice Cream Connoisseur”. Generally I will bicycle, tricycle, balloon, walk, drive, fly, or otherwise to imbibe in unique or well crafted ice cream frozen dessert treats.

    Like small batch craft brewed beers, the world of small batch boutique ice creams is growing by leaps and bounds. Even on a lesser scale, commercially prepared and production ice cream makers are wiggling into this market with new and unique “higher quality” unique treats.

    We (myself and my better half) both Wellness/Fitness health professionals are about to take our lives on the road on a full time basis (July 2018) in search of the better, best and healthiest scoops on the North American Continent.

    It would be fun to share/exchange/cooperate on our finds, searches and experiences, perhaps at some point even meeting up?

    We’ll be departing the New England area shortly. Not sure where you are currently, but if you should be in this neck of the woods, be sure to check out: In NYC: Tipsy Scoop, In CT: Tulmeadow Farms, Grass Roots, Fosters. You can’t get more unique than Tipsy Scoop, or Grass Roots, but I’m hoping to find those that might be an equal or better.

    Hope we’ll hear back from you, connect and perhaps meet up!

    Happy Travels, Grand Scooping!



    1. Hi Matt! Thanks for stopping by. It sounds like your mission aligns with ours. It would be great to meet up along the way. We’re currently in Fort Collins, Colorado for the summer and have plans to be back in New England this fall. Thanks for the recommendations, and please keep in touch!


      1. Hi Jamie, I just found your site last night. Not by coincidence. We just started an Ice Cream blog last night. I knew there must be others with the same addiction. I hope you don’t mind if we use you as kind of a “big sister,” someone that we can look up to and try to be like.

        It seems like you are from New England (and Matt too) We are in SE Mass, not far from RI. I’ve been reading back through your old visits and all your travels and ice cream quest. It sounds like tons of fun. Thanks for sharing all your stories.


      2. Great to hear from you! I love the idea of being a big sister, thank you. It sounds like you’ll be a great resource when I’m visiting your neck of the woods. I’m hoping to make a couple of ice cream treks when we are back in New Hampshire this fall. (I definitely miss New England ice cream while I travel elsewhere.) Thanks for the comment!


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