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Old Town Churn, Fort Collins, CO

This week is almost a sequel to last week’s blog on Little Man Ice Cream. That’s because Old Town Churn is owned by the same company!

Old Town Churn, Fort Collins, CO I In Search Of A Scoop









Old Town Churn is a really adorable, relatively new addition to Fort Collins. It’s a part of a larger complex with eateries, places for drinks and of course the essential ice cream stop, with lots of outdoor seating and a wonderful location to visit when you’re downtown. (I highly recommend heading across the street for a cider at Scrumpy’s before you leave!)

My previous ice cream experiences in Fort Collins had been somewhat disappointing, particularly downtown, so I was eager to try a new place, especially given my fondness for Little Man in Denver.

I really enjoyed my visit to Old Town Church in July. My biggest disappointment was getting ice chunks in multiple flavors – which seemed especially odd in July. I hope they’ve worked that out. Besides that, the staff was friendly, the location is adorable (I couldn’t capture it well, but it’s a super cute stand that you can’t miss), and they have some fun with flavors too. They have lots of fun flavors, including nice vegan options.

Here’s what I tried:

Old Town Churn, Fort Collins, CO I In Search Of A Scoop

All Nighter – This is a vanilla espresso base with a chocolate fudge swirl. The espresso flavor is very forward, and the vanilla is there, but not as prominent. The fudge is well-integrated and really tasty. This is a delicious combination, and not too subtle (they’ve avoided the Fort Collins ice cream curse!), thank goodness. I did find an ice crystal. It’s a fabulous flavor, very well done, and it could make my top twenty for favorite flavors. Delicious.

Matcha Honey – This is a very forward matcha flavor, with nice sweetness from the honey. It’s super well-balanced and not too subtle. Unfortunately there were several ice crystals, but besides that, it’s a definite winner. It was excellent except for that.

The presentation is really well done, with a big bowl and side by side flavors as a nice and practical touch. It was $4.37 for a medium, which is a very reasonable price, though the sizes here seemed smaller to me than at Little Man. (Maybe I was hungry?) I appreciated seeing them use real bowls and spoons.

This location balances conventional flavors with unusual ones quite well, though they were all on the sweeter side. I’m thrilled to have a tasty (read: not subtle) ice cream option in Fort Collins, and the price is right too. They’re open year-round, though the exact days and hours are seasonal.

Have you visited Old Town Churn?

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A Quick Trip For Custard

As you know, I’m all about the ice cream, but the extra creaminess (due to the eggs) of custard is tough to resist.

In the past couple of weeks, I’ve made two visits to local chain Good Times Burgers & Frozen Custard here in Fort Collins. I highly recommend it!Good Times Burgers and Frozen Custard, Fort Collins, CO | In Search of a Scoop

First off, I don’t review burgers. But this West Coast burger was delicious, with the perfect amount of melty cheese, tasty beef patties, sauce and all well-wrapped in lettuce since I don’t do gluten. In my memory, it stands up to the best of fast food burger options.

But I bet you’re wondering how the custard was? Of course.Good Times Burgers and Frozen Custard, Fort Collins, CO | In Search of a Scoop

I’ve had it two ways. The first time, I had the custard (it’s vanilla of course) and I had hot fudge on top. The second time, I had hot fudge mixed in. Both ways are delicious. I’m especially fond of the latter – it’s like an even more indulgent version of a chocolate shake. Or if you just stir a hot fudge sundae a lot. (It’s so good that I can almost forget how hard it is to get good hard ice cream here!) Can you tell I enjoy hot fudge? Does anyone not, actually? Good Times Burgers and Frozen Custard, Fort Collins, CO | In Search of a Scoop

Good Times is delightful fast food. Maybe it’s like Dairy Queen with better sourced food and less grease. Yum!

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An Unexpected Fort Collins Ice Cream Option

Today I visited Emporium Kitchen and Marketplace at the Elizabeth Motel in Fort Collins. It’s a beautiful space, with popup shops for coffee and ice cream as well as a restaurant area to sit down for a meal or drinks. I’m told they also offer live music sometimes.

I’ve already covered Walrus Ice Cream, the local spot for homemade ice cream, as well as the delicious location for gelato, Amore. If you’re downtown, you’ve also got a Ben and Jerry’s as well as other chains nearby.

But my visit brought me to Emporium, and I’m glad it did. Though it’s on the pricier side, it’s a lovely environment for a treat. Thanks for the suggestion and the company, Megan!

What I tried:

Double Chocolate – It surprised me to realize it wasn’t super creamy. It was more milky, like gelato. But it was nice. It wouldn’t be my top pick.

Mint Chocolate Chip: This was great! It’s creamy and smooth, with nice chunks of chocolate and a good mint flavor.

I’d definitely order the latter again, and I’d like to try some of their other flavors, including Mocha Almond Fudge and Peanut Butter and Jelly. They had a nice looking coconut-based vegan flavor too.

The ice cream is made by Longview Creamery. They’re based in Colorado. I will definitely try them again when I see them.

I’m planning some fun projects for In Search of a Scoop in the upcoming year. If you’ve got ideas for blog posts or other suggestions, please let me know. And thanks for reading!

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