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How Much Ice Cream Can You Fit Into a Week?

Do you ever ask yourself this question? Do you struggle with the desire to stay healthy while eating lots of ice cream? I certainly do. 

This past week I flew back to New Hampshire. The combined stress of travel, mild family drama and life combined with my ice cream-craving brain in a major way. Suffice to say that I ate too much dairy, sugar and fat. And when I thought about how to write about it, I realized just how intense it was. It’s like I scheduled it out with a desire to eat as much as possible. 

So be shocked, or use this as a guide for yourself on how to eat too much ice cream and sweet treats. 

Wednesday – A small hazelnut soft serve frozen yogurt with raspberries at Pinkberry at the Baltimore airport. A kiddie size Wild NH Black Bear – vanilla with red raspberry swirl and chocolate raspberry truffles – from Lang’s, who serve Blake’s ice cream. 

Thursday – A large with cotton candy, coconut cream and Wild Maine Black Bear, a red raspberry ice cream with dark chocolate truffles, for lunch at Jordan’s Creamery. 

Friday – A dish of Coconut Bliss‘ Cherry Amaretto (coconut-based, dairy-free) with fun toppings at a pre-wedding dinner. 

Saturday – A dish of Round Top’s Salted Caramel ice cream with hot fudge at a wedding dinner.  

Sunday – A small Wild NH Black Bear with hot fudge at Lang’s after dinner. 

Monday – A scoop of ice cream with two flavors, Moose Tracks (vanilla, amazing fudge ripple, peanut butter truffles) and Peppermint Stick, at Merrivale Ice Cream next to The Pizza Man

Tuesday – A small dish of Milk ( low-fat frozen yogurt) at Pinkberry with lunch. A small hot fudge shake at Sonic with dinner. 

Have you ever eaten this much sweetness in a week? What does your dream ice cream week look like? Tell me about it!

Ice Cream Flight #2 at Jordan’s Creamery!

Keeping it short and sweet with this post since I’m behind. You can expect the beginnings of an exciting series this Friday though!

Learn about last month’s flight here!

Flavor #1 – Teaberry – It’s exactly like Pepto-Bismol! Since I like that flavor, it was charming, particularly with the creaminess of ice cream. But I’m so glad I just had a small scoop…not my favorite, LOL!

Flavor #2 – White Sangria with strawberries, pineapple & cherries – Full of dried fruits aka fruitcake and a clearly alcoholic base, this was kind of fun, but honestly, not my favorite thing. I’m pretty picky about mix-ins and this was clever but not something I’d normally go for, although the cherry was quite tasty.

Flavor #3 – Mojito with organic mint leaves- Oh my goodness. It’s kinda minty, kinda alcoholy and absolutely delicious. More please!  So refreshing.

Flavor #4 – Mascarpone & sweet cream with red raspberry swirl- Super delicious, creamy and cheesy. I love mascarpone cheese and it’s absolutely perfect as a creamy ice cream. It’s great alone and as a base for fruity goodness.

Very glad we went – I’d order mascarpone and mojito again in a heartbeat!

And while we were there, Ross got to get kettle cracked corn again, this time in a regular waffle cone, and he was well enough to eat it all! He said the cone wasn’t super fresh but was very tasty. And he loved the ice cream of course. 🙂

Thanks again, Jordan’s! We’ll be back!

The Art of Ice Cream (& Where to Find It)

Making ice cream isn’t easy. I knew this, of course. I haven’t made ice cream often. Once I helped a friend hand crank their old-fashioned ice cream maker. A few other times, I used a soft serve ice cream maker my mother was given as a gift but never took advantage of (and ultimately let me have). And a couple of other times, I’ve used the ice cream ball that my husband purchased for me for Christmas a few years ago. It’s not the most efficient way to make hard ice cream, but it’s one of the most fun, so I insisted I wanted it, of course. 🙂 And there was that one other time that I followed a recipe for ice cream made in the freezer without a machine….despite all of my substitutions and improvisations, it came out pretty well.

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Finding Food at Findeisen’s

Findeisen’s is more than meets the eye. For instance, they have some indoor seating – you definitely wouldn’t expect that when you pull up. They also have lots of picnic tables and a few places for the kids to climb. So even though it’s tucked into an industrial corner of Hudson right on Route 102, don’t discount it. It’s also a really convenient place to stop as long as you keep an eye out for it within the strip mall.

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Yes Mom, I Had To Eat Two Bowls of Ice Cream

Easter Sunday is normally a fairly religious day for me. My morning started off that way – I played the piano and organ for two church services (and sang and led a choir for the second service). But by 11:15 a.m. or so, I’d finished playing, had a quick snack and headed out the door to meet my husband before we headed home via a to-be-determined ice cream location.

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