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Return to Kakawa: Drinking Chocolate in Santa Fe, NM

A couple of years back, I visited Kakawa Chocolate House and was absolutely delighted with my brief visit. They offer everything from drinking chocolate (on the spot or bags to make it at home) to a gorgeous array of truffles to brownies (including a few gluten-free flavors) and homemade ice cream.

Last time, I went with their ice cream, of course, but with it being January and with pandemic life restricting my travel more than in the past, I’ve decided to incorporate some drinking chocolate reviews into this blog. (Let me know what you think in the comments!)

If you haven’t had drinking chocolate before, it’s not entirely dissimilar to hot cocoa, but it’s usually a much richer, thicker experience than the average hot cocoa. It also, in my experience, tends to be made with super high quality ingredients, and it’s a great way of showcasing particular sources of chocolate.

Here’s what I tried:

Kakawa’s American – This is where they start you with. They gave me a sample (I was the only customer at the time) but it felt weird to take off my mask, so this was the only sample I took. Kakawa’s American is an absolutely delicious showcase for their classic chocolate. The ingredients include 70% chocolate, organic almond milk and vanilla. I highly recommend this for anyone!

Chili – This is from their Meso-American menu. Their chili chocolate includes 100% chocolate (cacao), New Mexico chili, and coconut sugar. Wow! This starts with a delightful chocolate flavor, followed by a huge dried chile spice kick behind it. It’s so impressive! And then the chile flavor quickly clears and you’re ready to drink more. A delightful warming experience.

Jeffersonian – This comes from their European and Contemporary menu. In this case, it’s very much an old-fashioned, not very sweet, darker but not grainy, chocolate. This is rich and full, featurig 70% chocolate, organic almond milk, and nutmeg. The nutmeg is what gives it that classic older American chocolate recipe taste. Yum!

I kept going back and forth between which flavor I liked more. I had a small sample of the first and 3 ounce portions of each of the others. (In non-pandemic times, they’ve got a sampler available, but I made do.) I also picked up a couple of truffles (prickly pear and a goat cheese and sage) that I am savoring this week.

Thanks so much to Kakawa Chocolate House for another excellent experience. The customer service is second to none, and you don’t want to miss this chocolate!

P.S. Their drinking chocolate is available by mail for those in the United States. Head here to order!

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