How Much Ice Cream Can You Fit Into a Week?

Do you ever ask yourself this question? Do you struggle with the desire to stay healthy while eating lots of ice cream? I certainly do. 

This past week I flew back to New Hampshire. The combined stress of travel, mild family drama and life combined with my ice cream-craving brain in a major way. Suffice to say that I ate too much dairy, sugar and fat. And when I thought about how to write about it, I realized just how intense it was. It’s like I scheduled it out with a desire to eat as much as possible. 

So be shocked, or use this as a guide for yourself on how to eat too much ice cream and sweet treats. 

Wednesday – A small hazelnut soft serve frozen yogurt with raspberries at Pinkberry at the Baltimore airport. A kiddie size Wild NH Black Bear – vanilla with red raspberry swirl and chocolate raspberry truffles – from Lang’s, who serve Blake’s ice cream. 

Thursday – A large with cotton candy, coconut cream and Wild Maine Black Bear, a red raspberry ice cream with dark chocolate truffles, for lunch at Jordan’s Creamery. 

Friday – A dish of Coconut Bliss‘ Cherry Amaretto (coconut-based, dairy-free) with fun toppings at a pre-wedding dinner. 

Saturday – A dish of Round Top’s Salted Caramel ice cream with hot fudge at a wedding dinner.  

Sunday – A small Wild NH Black Bear with hot fudge at Lang’s after dinner. 

Monday – A scoop of ice cream with two flavors, Moose Tracks (vanilla, amazing fudge ripple, peanut butter truffles) and Peppermint Stick, at Merrivale Ice Cream next to The Pizza Man

Tuesday – A small dish of Milk ( low-fat frozen yogurt) at Pinkberry with lunch. A small hot fudge shake at Sonic with dinner. 

Have you ever eaten this much sweetness in a week? What does your dream ice cream week look like? Tell me about it!

Sweet Scoops and Slopes in Lincoln, NH


I’m working in Lincoln, New Hampshire, this summer, so I’d be slacking if I didn’t try out all of their ice cream offerings.

The main game in town is White Mountain Creamery. Their delicious homemade ice cream is served up at two locations – one indoor parlor in Lincoln called Udderly Delicious, and one outdoor stand in North Woodstock called Coneheads.

One word of warning? They advertise 24 flavors of soft serve. Those are basically never homemade (the flavors are out of a package) so stick to their homemade stuff if you want the good stuff.

I visited both locations – of course and can report they’re both worth a visit, depending on what’s more convenient. North Woodstock has parking behind the building if it’s too busy on the street – and you can walk to the river which is really pretty.

Here’s what my husband and I had at Coneheads, with a report of course!

Black Raspberry Chip – Ross, my husband, loves this. It’s nice and smooth, although it’s a bit milder of a flavor than I’d prefer.

Caramel Cup – It’s a caramel ice cream, with caramel swirl and chocolate caramel truffles. The caramel base is great, and this is pretty luscious with awesome truffles. I really enjoyed it.

Coffee Cookie Dough – This coffee flavor is my favorite! But unfortunately she gave me coffee oreo…delightful but not as unusual as what I asked for. 🙂

Chocolate chip cheesecake – This is really fun. It’s a great flavor, though not the best cheesecake I’ve had – that distinction goes to Slick’s. The chocolate chips are small and tasty, not super rich but sufficient. Creamy and not too thick!

Chocolate – It’s rich, dark and not too sweet. Super good!

Prices are very reasonable – $4.25 if you stick to a reasonable 2 scoops.

Next I visited Udderly Delicious in Lincoln. I got three scoops (couldn’t resist!), and Ross got one repeat (I’d gotten it last time) – the chocolate chip cheesecake.

Ginger Snap – Ginger ice cream – so delightful!!! It is very strong with tasty chunks of cookie, which is pretty soft and chewy. The base is smooth and creamy.

Banana Oreo – This base is super fun, not too sweet. It reminds me of banana bread. The big chunks of oreo are a very nice compliment to it too. lf you like banana, check this out.

Coffee Cookie Dough – The base is light and full of flavor, just like the coffee oreo – this type of coffee always reminds me of Brigham’s. And the cookie dough pieces are a fun treat.

With tax, for 3 scoops and one scoop, I paid $10.30 or so. Probably the same at both locations I believe.

(I was clearly so eager that I forgot to take a photo at the start!)

You’ve also got another ice cream option in Lincoln, and from the street passing by, you wouldn’t necessarily know which one had homemade and which one got their ice cream elsewhere.

As far as I know, Ice Cream Delights doesn’t make their own ice cream, but without any idea that there was any homemade ice cream in Lincoln when I first visited, I stopped here and was astonished by how affordable it was. I’m not sure whose ice cream they carry – let me know if you know!

During my most recent visit, here’s what I got.

Blueberry Cheesecake Yogurt – I’m a sucker for a good yogurt, particularly for dinner. I know I tried this one a while back and I had to review it. It was a tad icy this time, so it must not be very popular, but it’s wonderfully creamy, not too sweet and the cheesecake is very good – rather astonishing for a yogurt! I will probably get this any time I go here (though realistically, I’d always choose the homemade options first) because this yogurt is so good!

Cappucchino Crunch – This is a coffee base with chocolate swirl and toffee bits. The base is excellent, the toffee is delicious and the chocolate swirl reminds me of moose tracks ice cream. Fantastic!!!

This place isn’t homemade, as far as I know. But it’s super cheap – $3.76 for a medium which seems large to me. I also love that they serve it in big bowls, like Slick’s, so you can reach all of the flavors at once. So although the flavors probably won’t be as consistent as White Mountain Creamery, so far I’ve had excellent luck here!

Whenever you’re in Lincoln, whether it’s to ski or hike or see a show, you’ve got lots of options. Enjoy and thanks for stopping by!

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Chillin’ on the Seacoast – An Epic 3 Part Adventure of Violence, Seafood and Ice Cream (Part 2)

If you’ll recall from Part 1 of this adventure, my husband and I embarked on a epic day trip to the NH & ME Seacoast area, with the goal of getting ice cream three times in one day. In part one, we found the Seacoast, after a false but wonderful start, and then indulged in some delicious Lago’s ice cream.



We pulled out of Lago’s and followed our phones toward the Seacoast. Within minutes, we stopped at a red light only to have the car behind us slam into us (and push us into the Jeep in front of us a bit). This obviously was not what we’d hoped for when we set out this morning. A relaxing day of beach & ice cream had turned more sinister.

Oh well. With frustration, and in my case, a sore head from some whiplash, we pulled over, got out out of the car and began the routine of calling the cops, taking photos, etc. The woman who hit us felt horrible about it (she’d never been in an accident) and the cop actually said that he’d just attended to an accident at the same intersection, so apparently it’s a common spot that takes people by surprise.

Lucky for us, although the trunk was really beaten up and some of our fancy locks and such weren’t working correctly, we had a driveable car. Rather than give up and go home, Ross said he’d like to continue our adventure if we could. We were already an hour from our home base, so who was I to argue with that?

After some adventures in duct tape & locating a Home Depot, we eventually continued on, without a useable trunk but eager to find some more ice cream.

We made another stop by the ocean to inhale the air and take a few photos. As we drove through Kittery, we flirted with the idea of outlet shopping a bit but the crazy crowds deterred us. And then I saw this sign, for Mrs. & Me, homemade ice cream. It wasn’t on my list – the list was somewhat arbitrary, places I’d known of, read of, or had people refer me to. But we knew we should stop and check it out.

Given the commercial zone we were in, Mrs. & Me actually felt like an oasis, with lots of trees, tables and an old-fashioned ice cream feel even though it’s attached to Dunkin Donuts. We each had a small bite to eat – veggies, peanut butter sandwich – before we prepared ourselves for ice cream #2.

Mrs. & Me is old school. They’ve been around since 1948! Our ice creams were only $3 each, a good price for the size.



Here’s what we got:

Wild Maine Blueberry Pie – I knew this was a Ross flavor! Wild Maine blueberries are perfectly captured here. It’s a nice pie crust weave…if you like wild Maine blueberries, you’ll love it. It’s a very creamy ice cream base but not too heavy or rich.

Coffee/Chocolate Soft Serve Twist – They told me this is low fat ice cream. They also make some soft serve yogurts with the same milk. The consistency of the coffee was a little bit watery, but it’s just about the perfect coffee flavor. The chocolate is simple, not too rich. It’s good, but not life-changing. Overall, the consistency was just a little too watery. A standard full fat vanilla will taste better. But if you’re craving a coffee flavor, this is just right, and a place that gets that flavor by adding in a mix to their soft serve won’t be able to match this. (For the record, the best coffee/chocolate soft serve twist can be found at the Wright Place, in my humble opinion.)

After our second stop, we continued on, hugging the coast, and we found the most gorgeous park that we’d never heard of. Be sure to check out the Hartley Mason Reservation. There is plenty of street parking if you come in the off-season, like we did, and it’s an absolutely gorgeous place to enjoy the ocean and this beautiful park with unique and beautiful art. We had such a great time – and finding it accidentally only added to the magic.



Next time, I’ll talk about our stop in Ogunquit and our final ice cream destination, amongst other things. Thanks so much for reading!

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Opening Day at the Right Place for a Scoop

Happy April, ice cream fans! Careful readers may have noticed that I’ve mentioned Just the Wright Place for Ice Cream in Stratham a few times since this blog began. The reason, of course, is that it’s been my favorite New Hampshire ice cream AND frozen yogurt place for many years. I used to work in Exeter, NH, part-time, and that put me close enough to this gem to visit as much as 2 (or even 3) times per week during their season. So for many years, I’ve made a point to get frozen yogurt (or occasionally ice cream) at the Wright Place, as it just didn’t feel like summer without it. Even if it meant driving an hour each way!

IMG_2163When they announced they’d be opening this past Saturday, and it was already a day that I had free and was planning to be in southern NH, I knew it was the perfect excuse for a visit. Unfortunately, the weather was not “ice cream weather”. It was very rainy and cold, at least by the time I arrived around 1 p.m. But of course it meant that I didn’t have to brave any lines or deal with crazy children, so there was a definite plus to the weather too!

If you’ve gotten ice cream near or on the Seacoast, you know it can get very expensive. (It’s particularly expensive because the portions tend to be HUGE out this way…when an ice cream place is openly advertising 1/2 scoops and even 1/4 scoops at some place, you know something is a little off…) I’m happy to report that ice cream is actually very affordable at the Wright Place. Prices went up a tad this year, so that “one scoop” is $3.80. But as you might be able to tell from the picture, one scoop here is at least 2 or 3 scoops…I’ve made the switch down to 1 from 2 and have never regretted it, so unless you regularly consume gargantuan portions, I’d recommend one scoop. (And yes, they’ll give you a half scoop if you ask.) Two words of warning – they only take check or cash, so hit the ATM before you come, and make sure you’ve used the restroom as well as there isn’t a public restroom here.

Since I knew all of my readers would want a report on their ice cream (and since I was solo for this trip), I started by trying Sweet Almond Cream ice cream. It’s absolutely delicious. Smooth, a richer buttery flavor with almond chunks. I highly recommend it! I of course would have been happy to try every flavor (they’ve never failed me, except for one time when my “cookies” enhanced frozen yogurt had no cookies!) but I knew you’d forgive me for considering my waistline as well as my appetite for ice cream.

IMG_2170One of my friends has recently informed me that the Wright Place makes the best ice cream sodas in the state, according to her wife. If I’d had a partner in crime that day, we would have tried one, but as a solo adventurer I didn’t think I could handle a whole ice cream soda last weekend, so that will have to be saved for a future trip. It comes highly recommended though if you’re into ice cream sodas! They also have some wonderful sundaes & other fun treats.

My favorite things to order at the Wright Place are frozen yogurt. Their hard serve frozen yogurt is extremely good. Except for an occasional feeling that the texture isn’t quite as creamy as ice cream (and trust me, it’s only occasional), I absolutely love them. They use high-quality ingredients, from fruits to cookies and chocolate, and they don’t skimp just because it’s frozen yogurt. Is this stuff as healthy as a low-fat frozen yogurt from your local supermarket? I can’t imagine it is. But you’re not going to the ice cream stand for your health, you’re going for deliciousness, so I can’t recommend it more! I’m particularly partial to the flavors with cookies in them (oreos, cookie dough, oatmeal cookie, etc.) because they tend to be loaded with cookies on top of a nice base. I never eat this stuff and think “oh yeah, this is just frozen yogurt”. It’s way better than that.

The most unique thing that I can get at the Wright Place, by far, is their fat-free frozen yogurt soft serve. Would I get it if it weren’t fat-free? Obviously. The fact that it is? Just icing on this incredible cake. If you typically enjoy “twisting” two flavors, like vanilla and chocolate, be sure to ask them to layer two flavors of your choice here. They do an awesome job with it and it’s a great way to try two flavors in one scoop of ice cream.

IMG_2166For opening day, they had a bunch of my favorites available, including vanilla, chocolate, black raspberry and mudslide soft serve yogurts. I went with mudslide and chocolate, layered. I love this combination so much. Mudslide – it has such a super strong prominent flavor. So smooth and a really intense frozen experience. Chocolate – this is a sweeter, darker flavor than you might get elsewhere. The intensity is lovely and you better have a sweet tooth if you order this! It doesn’t taste like high milk fat would, of course, but there’s still a richness to it. Both flavors together are super smooth and creamy, if a tad more watery than ice cream due to the lack of fat. And this combination will for sure remind you of your favorite rich creamy adult drink.

IMG_2172Because I live so far from the Wright Place (if I drive straight through, it’s actually about a two hour drive for me), I try to stock up when I do visit. In fact, last year, my husband’s parents picked up some frozen yogurt for me as my birthday gift! So thoughtful, right? I asked what they had pre-packed out back. (They can also hand-pack, but as a former ice cream scooper in high school, I remember how painful that is!) For frozen yogurts, they had black raspberry chip and coffee cookies and cream available….they also had chocolate chip, but I went with the first two because I knew I liked them and they’d fit easily in my cooler.

I haven’t tried coffee cookies and cream yet this year, but I’ve been indulging in the black raspberry chip yogurt regularly. Fluffy lighter texture full of fruit flavor. It’s creamy but not too rich – reminiscent of raspberries with milk. It reminds you how awesome nature is to provide flavors like this to play with. The chocolate chunks are fantastic – dark and full of flavor. And they’re large enough to satisfy chocolate lovers who wouldn’t normally pick a fruity flavor (like me!).

Clearly I am biased toward the Wright Place, but it’s definitely with good reason. Have you visited this gem in Stratham, NH yet? Have you heard about any other openings I should know about?

I hope you have a sweet week – thanks for stopping by!

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Yes Mom, I Had To Eat Two Bowls of Ice Cream

IMG_2097I thought about using “A Jaunt to Jordan’s” as the title of this blog post. It’s kind of catchy. But honestly, there was something much more monumental in my life last weekend, hence the more unusual title.

Easter Sunday is normally a fairly religious day for me. My morning started off that way – I played the piano and organ for two church services (and sang and led a choir for the second service). But by 11:15 a.m. or so, I’d finished playing, had a quick snack and headed out the door to meet my husband before we headed home via a to-be-determined ice cream location.

Since we were in Concord, and had to head north from there, our ice cream options were somewhat limited. I knew Arnie’s was nearby but I was hoping to check out a new ice cream place and report back to you. After a couple of quick Google searches, I stumbled onto Jordan’s Ice Creamery in Belmont, NH. Not only had I never been before, but I’d never even heard of it! But the flavors and photos they were posting on Facebook were out of this world (Salted Caramel Crunch! White Chocolate Chocolate Cookie! Sea Salt Caramel Cookies & Cream!) so I figured there must be some amazing homemade ice cream goodness to be had there. And conveniently for us, it was due north, only adding a few extra minutes to our trip. An easy stop on Rt. 106 near Tilton.

Ross, my husband, hadn’t been feeling well for quite a while, so we agreed that skipping a fancy sit-down dinner would be better for his health. And he knows my blog (and my ice cream addiction) is important, so he wasn’t going to get in the way of my plans! We set out in a bit of a caravan to our destination.

IMG_2105Easily found, we parked and headed toward the ice cream stand after I took a few photos. Well, I headed there, at least. I knew something wasn’t right because Ross seemed completely engrossed in his phone instead of smiling at me or looking at the menu. I tried to ignore it, but soon I had to ask him…and he admitted he really just wasn’t feeling good. Yes, he’d get something, but I should just order and not worry about him.

IMG_2106Well, I was kind of in heaven when I looked at the menu. Not only did they have a huge menu of ice cream flavors, but they also carry a LOT of frozen yogurt, both low- fat and non-fat, and they were unusual flavors too. Not to mention the no-sugar added silliness that I’m sure some of you might look for occasionally. (I can’t, Splenda makes me sick!) IMG_2108My plan is normally to get ice cream if I’m indulging in a once a week treat, but their variety of flavors reminded me of my favorite Just the Wright Place, so I knew I had to give their yogurts a try. I knew that Ross would most likely get ice cream, so that should mean I get to sample the real stuff as well and report back to you. (And also, you soft serve fans will be happy that they carry soft serve ice cream AND soft serve yogurt. Will have to come back to taste.)

IMG_2110The pricing was very reasonable. We paid less than $4 each for a regular, which was two good sized scoops. When we went to sit down, Ross started to realize he couldn’t eat much…and he really needed to go to urgent care while we weren’t too far from one. Rather than continue to “contaminate” his ice cream with his germs, he made an incredible sacrifice – he handed me his ice cream and asked if I would be able to eat it with my own frozen yogurt. Of course at this point I’d tried it and knew how amazing it was. IMG_2112“Of course!” I replied. So I gave him a hug, he went to urgent care, and I moved into my car (it was cold out) to enjoy two bowls of frozen goodness, for what I believe was the first time ever.

Life’s tough, right?

So here’s my full report on what we found at Jordan’s, besides a super nice employee who seemed to get a kick out of the fact that I’m a blogger – I mentioned it as an explanation for why I had to try so much. 🙂

Non-Fat Kahlua Fudge Hard Yogurt – It’s a pleasant Kahlua base. Not as good as the soft serve Kahlua I know so well from the Wright Place, but everyone has their favorites. It’s not too sweet. Occasionally it had an icy texture. The fudge tastes kind of healthy…not indulgent. It reminds me of the fudge in the fat-free ice cream I sometimes had as a kid in the early ’90s at home…It does have a great texture for fudge! I’d like a larger fudge to Kahlua ratio. If you don’t have yogurt or ice cream often and are okay with a healthier tasting yogurt, this could work well for you.

Low-Fat Milky Way Hard Yogurt – I wish it had a richer chocolate base. This one reminds me of chocolate malt. The chocolate chunks are dark and not too sweet – maybe semi sweet? The tasty caramel is kind of candy bar like, not rich. This is definitely a light yogurt taste but the chocolate chunks definitely class it up a lot. It might disappoint people who’ve gotten Milky Way elsewhere as there’s no hiding that it’s low-fat. Overall it’s too icy and light for me to rave about.

Wildberry Crumble Fat-Free Hard Yogurt – I only took a sample bite of this, so I can’t fairly compare it to the flavors I got. But oh my goodness, this is amazing!!! It’s got a brilliant raspberry flavor that takes over your mouth, an awesome sour fruity intenseness…and the crumble is everything you’d hope for. Should have gotten a scoop of this…hindsight and all that. Texture was great. As is the normal rule, it’s usually much easier to make a killer fruit yogurt than a killer chocolate yogurt. Whether you’re normally an ice cream or a yogurt fan, if you like fruity flavors like this, you should definitely get it. Wow. Honestly, you’d never suspect this could be fat free!

IMG_2115 (1)Kettle Cracked Corn Hard Ice Cream – This is one of the amazing flavors I saw posted online before choosing to visit, and I’m so thankful I saw it scribbled in at the bottom of the list. I tried it, went nuts over it, and then Ross ordered it. Thank you Ross! They describe the base as a kettle corn flavor. I don’t know what that means, but it’s awesome! In fact, my notes indicate I thought it was perfect! Smooth and creamy, like an idealized shake texture might be…It also has chocolate covered kettle corn pieces (yup!) and a sea salt caramel swirl. Surprisingly you don’t really notice the chocolate covered aspect because there is so much other stuff happening….the kettle corn was actually my least favorite part of the ice cream, but I liked it just fine, thank you and would eat it all again in a heartbeat. And the caramel…oh, the caramel…it’s rich and delicious and the perfect texture.

I am so glad I made it to Jordan’s to check out their ice cream! What a way to celebrate Easter, right? And yes, if you’re wondering, my husband is beginning to feel better. Also, if you’re wondering how much ice cream and frozen yogurt I can put away before I feel like I’m done (yes, it was my dinner), here is the aftermath.


Last week I mentioned some of the great ice cream places that had opened or were planning to open. Here are some of the others I’ve heard about:

Cremeland in Manchester, NH is open

Memories in Exeter, NH is open

Moo’s Place, which I wrote about here, in Derry, NH is open today!

King Cone (not my usual homemade standard, but still) in Merrimack, NH is open

And my favorite New Hampshire place (so far), Just the Wright Place in Stratham, NH, opens this weekend!

Where are you headed for ice cream? Any other openings I should share (and check out)?

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A Throwback To An Earlier Era

Unless you’re new to this blog, you know that I really prefer homemade ice cream, frozen yogurt and the like over store bought or chain options. It’s fresher, it’s tastier, and I know I’m supporting a business that is as local as it gets.

But winters are pretty quiet on the ice cream front in New Hampshire. And since, in an unusual turn of events, I have been to Friendly’s TWICE this year, I feel compelled to write about it, even if I’m a bit embarrassed to admit that I went there.

For those who aren’t local/aren’t old enough to remember Friendly’s, here are some highlights about what makes Friendly’s unique.

  1. Tons of kids. Tons of kids! This is basically kid-central. They offer special deals on certain days for families, plus they have an awesome kid menu that includes lots of kids-only sundae options that are way cuter than the adult options. This is not the place to come for a quiet, or a fancy, dinner, but it’s a great choice for a group of kids or teenagers that needs their non-alcoholic food and ice cream fix. It was a very popular stop when my family wanted to go out to dinner growing up. Inexpensive & something for everyone, as long as everyone is happy with old-fashioned American food. Like chicken fingers and ice cream.
  2. The decor…in the past, it felt pretty dated. Red and white, the colors of the logo, are a part of the theming, and it kind of felt like a glorified cafeteria, or maybe a super-kid-friendly diner. Usually it had an ice cream counter as well as tables and booths. The decor (and how easy it was to clean it all) made it feel a little too kid-friendly to me in years past…you always felt a little dirty and silly, like going to IHOP. But, I’m happy to report that the Friendly’s locations of today (at least the two I’ve been to in Concord) are embracing their history. The walls are lined with black and white photos and articles emphasizing that Friendly’s has been a part of the New England dining landscape, for meals and ice cream, since the early twentieth century – 1935 in Springfield, MA to be exact. As a result, it seems to be more of a fun retro vibe rather than feeling like a fancy fast food place. I really like it!
  3. Did I mention it’s inexpensive? Their website describes the feel as “informal” and I think that’s apt. This is the place for a burger, a “Supermelt” and a sundae.
  4. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. I’ve always wished you could get breakfast all day (you definitely cannot) but there’s lots to choose from here. And they are currently running a “half off breakfast” deal Monday – Friday, which is pretty awesome!
  5. The ice cream, of course! Now, they sell it in grocery stores, at least in New England, and as a general rule, Friendly’s ice cream isn’t super exciting. But they have some very tasty frozen yogurt – Vienna Mocha Swirl is one of my absolute favorites currently unless I’m springing for Gifford’s – and most importantly if you’re dining at Friendly’s, they have super fun shakes and sundaes. The one thing I cannot recommend, unfortunately, is a Friend-Z. It’s like a blizzard (DQ) or a flurry (McDonald’s). But in my experience growing up, they are NEVER well-mixed. Ever. It’s about 20% toppings, and then 80% vanilla for the rest of it. A definite skip. Just go find a Dairy Queen.

So, I’m sure you’re anxiously awaiting the results of my trip(s) to Friendly’s. I went with my family in January and I got a tasty fried chicken salad – you know the kind, with honey mustard dressing? Not very healthy but delightful. And I got their medium size sundae, should have gone smaller, but it’s hard to mess up Oreo ice cream, hot fudge, whipped cream and a cherry. My dining companions were happy too.

When Ross and I went two weekends back – I sent him a list of six cheap places, and Friendly’s was the one calling his name – we had a similarly pleasant experience. I had a tuna roll, mostly because it came with fries – the tuna was a little too dry (and there was way too much!) but the roll was tasty, and Ross had a very nice honey BBQ chicken salad which was of course not the healthiest choice but very fun.

I had a coIMG_1004upon due to St. Patrick’s Day week, and there were a few desserts I could save half price on. Since the Monster O’Mash sundae had a face – and since it’s a kid sundae, but the waitress told me I could order it anyway – that was the obvious choice for me. They also have Pop Tart ice cream sundaes – really! – so Ross ordered one of those. (It turned out the coupon wasn’t good yet, but they made an exception for me, which was very nice! Fill out those surveys and help those nice people out.) IMG_1009 (1)

My sundae was mint Oreo ice cream, with Reese’s ears, m & m eyes, a cherry nose and hot fudge hair. Since I don’t normally eat candy it was kind of overwhelming and fun. The mint always hits the spot. It was very small – which was a good call because Ross’ super-cheap ($1.99 normally/) ice cream sandwich was huge – it is actually 2 Pop Tarts, not one. He went with the chocolate frosted pop tart, which comes with chocolate ice cream. I’m not a huge Pop Tart fan. It was a great vehicle for holding ice cream and since it wasn’t overly sweet, it was kind of a nice compliment, but not my favorite thing. Hard to mess up chocolate ice cream though! Ross was really enjoying the flashback to his childhood.IMG_5754

Our Friendly’s dining experience was as nice as we could have asked for. I definitely recommend an ice cream stop in a pinch, and the food is always satisfactory enough if it isn’t something I’d crave. I don’t think I’ll be returning for dinner any time soon. Maybe in another five or ten years. But hey, you never know. Sometimes, especially when you’re on the highway driving, you just want a taste of your childhood…


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Second Time’s the…

I was so excited for this blog entry to be the victorious redemption for Granite State Candy Shoppe. Ross, my husband, and I were heading into Concord to grab a cheap dinner, and we settled on Mexican (well, something like it – Dos Amigos) and ice cream from Granite State Candy Shoppe. As it was after 5 p.m., I knew we had to get there fast (it was Saturday), but we had enough time to park (not easy in Concord on a Saturday night) and head to ice cream. We figured the dinner could come afterwards. Ice cream before dinner is never a problem in our house.

When we walked in, I looked toward the ice cream case and saw it covered in decorations. The wall still had all their ice cream prices, but there was no flavor list….I had a bad feeling about this. I saw that there was a freezer full of ice cream pints behind me.

“Do you only have pints available for sale right now?” I asked, calmly. “Yes,” someone cheerfully responded, “Unfortunately we don’t sell enough to scoop ice cream during the winter. Sometime after Easter we’ll start scooping again.”

Ugh. Ross would have settled for splitting a pint, but they were expensive. If I pay $6 or the like for a pint, I want to make sure I like the flavor and the experience, and they didn’t even have chairs that we could sit in…and frankly, the last time I had Granite State Candy Shoppe’s ice cream, it wasn’t my favorite, so I wasn’t taking any chances today.

So we left, empty-handed. We ended up having some phenomenal Mexican food at Hermanos Cocina Mexicana instead – and then we picked up some frozen yogurt at Market Basket for the road, which thankfully ended up being quite good (it was Kemp’s).

So unfortunately, I haven’t had some phenomenal frozen yogurt or ice cream in recent memory, but the abnormally warm weather we’ve had recently tells me that soon enough the ice cream stands will be opening and I can enjoy one of my favorite summer traditions…and spring…and fall…you get the idea.

Have you had some amazing ice cream recently? Where is first on your list to tell you it’s spring, or summer? Lots of people have been sharing some “best ice cream” lists and I’m getting really excited to try them all in my travels!

Thanks so much for stopping by. Happy eating!

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