Jeni’s, Atlanta, GA and Online

I’ve reviewed Jeni’s before (head here for my review from a few years back in Charleston), but I thought they could use another one. I was thrilled to bring a friend and her friends to Jeni’s when I was in Atlanta at the beginning of this year. (That was the last time I flew on a plane…those were the days!)

The location was delightful, super cute for stopping in to grab a cup and head outside.

Here are the flavors I tried:

Brandied Banana Brulee – This is so much fun! It’s really delicious, with varied textures in the mix. Excellent.

Goat Cheese with Red Cherries – This has a really smooth and creamy goat cheese base, with soft and bright, tart cherries through it…it’s almost like a cheesecake combination. Highly recommend, particularly as it’s so unique!

Sweet Potato with Torched Marshmallows – Wow, this was really excellent! Very sweet and just delicious.

Gooey Butter Cake – I was shocked to see it was gluten-free! This has a gooey caramel butterscotch swirl consistency going through it, and the butter cake is so awesome. The buttery base is incredible! A perfect winner, and you’ll never miss the gluten. The best cake and ice cream experience you can imagine!

Since COVID-19 meant my fancy dining plans were canceled this past June, I celebrated a business milestone with an order of Jeni’s instead! We went with six pints. The presentation is amazing. Here’s what I got:

Lemon Buttermilk Yogurt – To be honest, I only ordered this because the founder of Jeni’s said it’s her favorite. This is extraordinarily creamy. Tangy, bright, and super refreshing. It’s also very tart, making it perfect for summer. Don’t miss it!

Cookies and Cream – This has a perfect vanilla base, perfectly creamy, with glorious scratch-made chocolate cookies. It’s absolutely perfect, an outstanding recreation of your dream cookies and cream taken to a ten or more. I can’t believe this is gluten-free!! (And you won’t either.)

Coffee with Cream and Sugar – They say this tastes the way coffee smells. That’s so accurate. It has the earthiness of coffee or espresso beans. It’s just delightful. It’s not as sweet or creamy as I usually gravitate towards (dedicated readers may remember that I love Brigham’s coffee and gravitate toward that style), but for true coffee lovers, this is probably the best coffee ice cream I’ve ever had. So fantastic.

Darkest Chocolate – This is just as good I remember it from 2017. It’s super dark, full of cocoa powder and yet delightfully still creamy and relatively sweet. (Thank you, cocoa butter!) They say it has three times as much cocoa as others do, and as much as you can to be a legal ice cream…this is truly special stuff. (My husband’s take: it has all the flavors of a dark chocolate, but it’s “smooth as hell. I honestly don’t know how you would improve upon this.”) So yeah, possibly the best chocolate ice cream ever made? It’s a contender…It’s a darker version than my Taos favorite, but it easily takes number 2.

As my husband pointed out after eating everything thus far, we’d trust Jeni’s to do a savory ice cream over anyone, so it should be no shock that we loved the goat cheese with red cherries (just like I did in Atlanta). We also loved our return to the gooey butter cake.

Thanks, Jeni’s, for continuing to raise the bar, particularly on gluten-free goodness.

Be well, friends, and happy eating! And if you’ve tried Jeni’s (you’ll find it in grocery stores too), what’s your favorite?

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