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Jeni’s, Atlanta, GA and Online

I’ve reviewed Jeni’s before (head here for my review from a few years back in Charleston), but I thought they could use another one. I was thrilled to bring a friend and her friends to Jeni’s when I was in Atlanta at the beginning of this year. (That was the last time I flew on a plane…those were the days!)

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Smallcakes in Peachtree City, GA

Smallcakes, Peachtree City, GA | In Search of a Scoop

I don’t often visit cupcake places. Mostly because I’m gluten-intolerant, of course. But Smallcakes was an exception – because they carry homemade ice cream too!

Since it’s mostly a cupcake place, their flavor selection is small. In fact, they only had two gluten-free flavors during my visit. But they were super-nice and willing to give me two different flavors in a small cup, which came to only $3.71.

Smallcakes, Peachtree City, GA | In Search of a Scoop

Here’s what I had:

Salted Caramel – My first thought was of butter when I ate this! It’s a rich, buttery salted caramel base. It also had chunks of caramel in it! There are lots of them, and they’re soft. And it was a pretty fast caramel. This was a fun take on a classic. I’ve never seen something like this one!

Mint Chocolate Chip – This has a mint base similar to Breyer’s, which is a pretty light and delicious mint chocolate chip. These chips are large, thing, flaky and tasty. Overall, it was a little more subtle than I prefer, but it’s a good pick.

The texture of the ice cream was great! Rich and creamy, for both bases, but especially the caramel.

I’m sure their cupcakes are great, but I can definitely recommend a scoop when you’re nearby.

Thanks for reading and happy eating! If you enjoyed this, you might also enjoy reading about Riding High in Denver.


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Stumbling into Savannah Candy Kitchen

I’ve been to many candy stores or confectionaries that also sell ice cream, but very few of them make their own. So when I saw signs for ice cream and gelato at Savannah Candy Kitchen, I prepped myself for disappointment. Lucky for me, when I asked a nearby employee, I found out they make BOTH their ice cream and their gelato themselves!

Savannah has a really fun, walkable downtown, and it had another great spot for homemade ice cream too, which we’d taken advantage of on our last visit.

img_7742-1But if you’re stopping in for some praline candies and you’re hungry, you won’t want to miss their ice cream or gelato.

Our review:

Praline and Cream Gelato – Wow. This is subtle deliciousness. The base is really subtle, and the chunks of praline candies are amazing. This is their candy specialty so it’s only logical the gelato would be great! I got one giant candy piece when I tried it – it’s so good!

Pumpkin Gelato – I was surprised to see this wasn’t super smooth. It had good flavor though, and there were a few candy corns in mine! It’s not especially sweet, so you can really taste the pumpkin flavor.

img_7743-1Key Lime Gelato – This was brilliant and creamy – but it has graham cracker in it, so stay away if you’re gluten-free like me.

Chocolate Ice Cream – This is smooth and has a lighter, creamy texture, almost like soft serve. It’s not my favorite chocolate, but it was really fun, and the texture was awesome.

img_7744-1The prices are reasonable here, for a downtown location. Normally $3.75 for a single or $4.75 for a double would strike me as a little high, but in a city that is fairly typical (or even pretty good). And it’s nice that you can have gelato, ice cream or both in the same location.

I can happily recommend the homemade gelato and ice creams at Savannah Candy Kitchen. And be sure to pick up some candies pralines for the road!

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