Seafood, Soft Serve and Slick’s

Meadow Ice Cream Restaurant in Littleton, NH doesn’t make their own ice cream, but I’ve always had great experiences there, so I had to share a quick post.

Sometimes, you’re in the mood for ice cream, and you go to an ice cream place. And in Littleton, Bishop’s is a solid option. Other times, you’re specifically in the mood for Slick’s ice cream, of Woodsville. But if you’re in Littleton and you don’t have the time to drive to Woodsville and back, you’ve got another option. Likewise, if you’re craving some fried seafood or a burger…and that would be Meadow Ice Cream.

This restaurant is rather unobtrusive. When I first moved to the North Country, they weren’t open, so I didn’t know what the scoop was. Turns out they are seasonal, open April-ish to October I believe. When I finally got around to trying their food, I was impressed.

I’ve gotten fried seafood here – clams are always a favorite of mine – and it’s been delicious. But I confess that what really drew me in was the sign, which often says “maple soft serve”. Yup. I had my first maple soft serve here, and it’s really fantastic. Full of flavor and creamy and perfect.

Since then, I found out about their hard ice cream, which is Slick’s. They’ve got indoor and outdoor seating too, which is definitely a step up from a food stand.

My husband and have been a few times, but we went this summer so that I could review it for you. We stuck to Slick’s ice cream this time around. It’s very affordable at $3.50 each for a medium with tax. Here’s what we got.

Strawberry Cheesecake – This is so good! Glorious crust chunks, etc. Read my full review on Slick’s here. I think this might be the best cheesecake ice cream in New Hampshire!

Cookies and Cream – Unfortunately, this one isn’t my favorite. The base is just really bland – it isn’t a distinct vanilla or anything. Personally, I want my cookies and cream base to taste like the cream in Oreos or maybe be a nice vanilla. Unfortunately while the cookies were great, the base just didn’t do it for me.

White Mountain Raspberry – This is vanilla with raspberry swirl and white chocolate chips. It’s nice, although the raspberry isn’t the best I’ve had.

Coconut Raspberry Swirl – The coconut is really fun in this!

So if you’re craving Slick’s or Seafood or maple soft serve, consider stopping by! I’ve found they always close earlier than I expect so you might want to call ahead.

Thanks for reading!

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The Slickest Ice Cream Around

IMG_2695Living in Franconia and spending most of my time in the Littleton area, Slick’s is well-known as the best ice cream in the area. I’d enjoyed it before at local ice cream stands but had never visited their own location in Woodsville, NH. When they proudly announced they’d be opening for Mother’s Day weekend, I made plans to make the trip with my husband.

IMG_2685Slick’s ice cream stand itself is adorable. It may be in the middle of nowhere, but it’s easy to find, and the stand is clearly lovingly taken care of. Since this was dinner for both my husband and I, we went with a medium, and we inquired about some unusual flavors. When we asked if we could get two flavors in a medium, she said that actually, a medium had 3 scoops, so we could get 3 flavors! We both eagerly took on the challenge of choosing a third flavor.
Here are the results of our epic dinner which was really a sampler of all Slick’s has to offer. Their prices are pretty cheap too!

Ross Selections:

IMG_2707Bite This – Peanut butter ice cream with chocolate chunks. The peanut butter ice cream is luscious! Almost like the texture of soft serve. So good, just a perfect base, even for this woman who is unlikely to choose a peanut butter ice cream normally.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup – It’s a classic and it’s very good, just a fabulous combo, rich and smooth.

Starry Night – Dark chocolate with white chocolate chips – the dark chocolate is rich, not too dark, an awesome chocolate that I haven’t found in this particular flavor. Great compliment to the white chips. However, its really fudgy base texture wasn’t Ross’ favorite.

Jamie Selections:

IMG_2701Sugar on Snow -I ordered this one blindly figuring it had to be great based on its delicious namesake (hot maple syrup poured over snow and then stirred with a fork to a taffy-esque consistency). It’s maple ice cream with marshamllows. Insanely good! It unfortunately melts much quicker than the rest, so avoid this in hot weather or just make it a shake!

Cake Batter – Classic flavor, no fill ins. Delightful and simple and very sweet, and it was just perfect to mix with the Sugar on Snow.

Raspberry Cheesecake – Wow, the texture of this ice cream is so close to actual cheesecake! It’s a fabulous cheesecake ice cream base with very real raspberry swirl and good cheesecake bites. Probably the best cheesecake ice cream I have had, and Ross agrees.

We loved the “normal” bowls instead of a typical ice cream bowl because it gave us a real sampler to choose from as we ate and tested. Overall, Slick’s is a very good to excellent ice cream, and it’s definitely the best ice cream we’ve found in northern New Hampshire.

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