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Wondermade in Sanford, FL

Wondermade in downtown Sanford, Florida is a super sweet spot with lovely and enthusiastic owners. In addition to homemade ice cream, they sell lots of nice chocolate bars, honeys and a wide selection of homemade marshmallows (including delightful alcoholic flavors like Fireball!) to enjoy in various ways or to take home. I would love to try a “krispwich” aka a sandwich of rice krispie treats and ice cream, someday.

If you need a drink, they’ve got hot and iced chocolate as well as iced honey milk to enjoy, and you can order their marshmallows and hot chocolates for delivery around most of the U.S. There’s even a “mallow of the month” club!

During our visit, they were experimenting with waffles for in-store enjoyment. I couldn’t try them myself being gluten-free, but my husband absolutely raved about them, and we always love free samples of course.

Here’s what I tried:

Nutella – This was very good! It’s a creamy, lighter flavor for fans of Nutella (like me).

Avocado – It’s so fluffy and not too sweet – honestly, a pretty awesome rendition!

Churro – I can’t believe this is gluten-free! It’s a cinnamon sugar ice cream. It’s super satisfying, like the cinnamon sugar on a churro or maybe a cinnamon bun. I got one amazing huge bite full of cinnamon sugar too.

Salted Caramel – This is light, with a whipped texture almost reminiscent of marshmallow (honestly, that texture holds true for many of their flavors). It’s unique, and very good, though it won’t make my top five.

Cornbread – My husband tried this and found it to be excellent! It’s sweet and smooth, with lots of chunks of cornbread.

All of the flavors have a whipped and fluffy base – all of them! Interestingly, it’s NOT always super creamy, but the consistency is there within each flavor, and it’s really unique and fun.

There are also lots of vegan and non-dairy flavors to try here for the future.

I loved the whipped and fluffy base – it reminded me of the delightful ice cream place that has unfortunately closed in downtown Roswell. All of the ice cream was very good and consistent, with cornbread and churro truly knocking it out of the park.

We also took home Fireball marshmallows and would highly recommend their marshmallows if you’re considering an order. They’d make amazing stocking stuffers or less expensive gifts for someone who is harder to buy for. And that mallow of the month club sounds pretty sweet too, no pun intended.

They’re willing to cram multiple flavors into any size, which my dedicated readers know is a major selling point for me. They have good portions, and it came to $10.36 for a small and medium, which felt pretty reasonable to us.

If it wasn’t for COVID-19, we would have returned several more times to Wondermade. Sanford is a delightful community and worth a visit for lunch or a stop by the water, and there are wonderful coffee shops nearby too including this non-profit dedicated to ending human trafficking.

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