Discovering Mt. Desert Island, Maine

Mt. Desert Island is an ice cream company based in Bar Harbor. I’ve always heard great things about them, but I was delighted to experience it for myself during a visit to their Portland, Maine location last week. Mt. Desert Island Ice Cream, Portland, ME | In Search of a Scoop

Due to a busy schedule and a very busy store, I couldn’t try my ideal, wide range of flavors. But I really enjoyed the flavors I did get to try.

They’ve got some pretty original and unusual flavors, but there are a few classics in the midst if you want to play it safe. Here’s what I had:Mt. Desert Island Ice Cream, Portland, ME | In Search of a Scoop

Bay of Figs – This was creamy and sweet and full of fig flavor. The texture was very good. If you like figs, you’ll enjoy this. For my taste, I’d recommend pairing it with another flavor.

Kulfi – This is an absolutely epic pistachio dessert. It’s a delicious take on the dessert itself and I could have eaten this for days. Such a treat if you like pistachios!

This is fun and quirky stuff, artisanal with smaller portions and higher prices but worth it.

Apparently the Obamas visited on vacation which got them some extra press! I hadn’t realized that until after my visit, for the record.

I loved my visit to Mt. Desert Island and look forward to the next one.

Happy eating! And if you enjoyed this, maybe you’d like to read my review of Gelato Fiasco in Brunswick?

Gelato Fiasco in Brunswick

My brother Robbie has recently moved to Brunswick, Maine, and my husband Ross and I were excited to spend a couple of days with him and his girlfriend, Ria. I have some challenging dietary restrictions, but Robbie and Ria insisted on cooking a delicious meal for us before following it up with some delicious dessert at Gelato Fiasco. He clearly knows the way to my heart!

Gelato Fiasco seemed reasonably priced for a city, and perhaps most importantly, they encouraged us to try as many flavors as we wanted – and we could combine as many flavors as we wanted in a cup! I think Ross and I got mediums (and a Robbie and Ria got smalls). Since there were four of us on hand, we were able to sample a lot of selections. Here’s what we thought!

Sweet Resurgam: This flavor includes sweet almond, burnt sugar, chocolate and caramel. It reminded me strongly of a Ferraro Rocher candy, which I loved. Extremely creamy. Absolutely outstanding. Ross found it peanut buttery. The chocolate is perfect and the flavors melt and blend in the mouth perfectly.

Cardamom: This is subtle, with a nice spice throughout. It’s a perfectly fall flavor. Not nearly as creamy as the sweet resurgam – much more typical of gelato, which doesn’t have a very high fat content.

Dark Chocolate Sea Salt: A darker chocolate base with the perfect amount of salt. It’s excellent. It’s almost as if hot fudge were gelato, although not as sweet. Deliciously creamy.

Caramel and Cider Donuts: Robbie thought there might be too much donut here! Each part was delicious, but he felt the ratio was off. Ross didn’t get many chunks in his, and he felt the gelato had no distinct flavor. Cinnamon, caramel or something would have been nice. Tastes perhaps like a generic vanilla.

Netflix and Chill: This flavor has peanut butter cups, brownies, chocolate chips and a caramel base. Ross really liked the overload of sweet treats here.

Fall in Bourbon County: This tastes like pumpkin and isn’t too sweet. They add bourbon and it had a little caramel to it. Ross said the pecans elevate it – the clusters are caramelized or glazed. Robbie added that this one doesn’t taste like every other fall thing. Ria enjoyed the bit of warmth and punch from the alcohol.

Ross sampled all of my flavors as well as his own, and he felt that the dark chocolate sea salt and sweet resurgam were much creamier than the other flavors we had. Perhaps their fall flavors are less polished and they’re still balancing? Or maybe I just lucked out.

Gelato Fiasco was founded in Brunswick, but they also have a Portland location. Their website is pretty fantastic, and I enjoyed reading about their Red Spoon Society.

It’s an adorable place that also carries coffee and gets very busy in the evenings. Stop by and report back on how you liked it!

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Chillin’ on the Seacoast – An Epic 3 Part Adventure of Violence, Seafood and Ice Cream (Part 3)


It has been FAR too long since my last post – so sorry for the delay, life has been crazy – so let’s get right back into it. As you may recall from parts 1 and 2, we visited two ice cream places and the beautiful Hartley Mason Reservation on the ocean.

Next we headed into Ogunquit, ME – and since the season hadn’t started yet, parking was free! But unfortunately many of the stores I love were closed, and almost all of the ice cream places in Wells and Ogunquit were closed. But it’s a beautiful beach town and I’m always happy for a pretty walk, so we enjoyed our quick stop. Appropriately, as we went from Ogunquit to our next destination, we saw a rainbow rhino lawn decoration! (Ogunquit is a popular destination for gay men, if you’re not aware.) Unfortunately it was too quick for a photo, but I loved it!

img_2497Our final ice cream destination was Shain’s. Unlike many of my favorite ice cream places, their ice cream is premium, not super premium, so it isn’t quite as creamy (or fatty) by design. But what an operation! They have a great location, serve lunch and dinner options, have tons of indoor seating (and indoor ordering) and really fun t-shirts. They also have fabulously fun movie poster decorations!

img_2508Since we’d already had ice cream twice that day, we went with one flavor each. A kiddie was a good amount of ice cream and a steal at $2.05 plus tax!

img_2514Ross went with Confusion. It’s a special similar to “Tornado”, but with cookie dough…so it’s vanilla with all of their candies, Oreo and cookie dough! It’s super fun, makes you feel like a kid in a candy store.

I went with Whoopie Pie. I love Whoopie pies, and they’re such a staple treat in Maine that I couldn’t resist learning about their take on it. It was vanilla ice cream with pieces of Whoopie pie, and it tasted like there were ribbons of cake icing as well. Quite tasty, although it wasn’t as distinctive or Whoopie pie-sequel as it could have been. The pie pieces were a little cakey, but the right texture. I did wish they were a bit more moist.

After all the ice cream, we figured we’d end the night with some “real food” aka lobster bisque and clam strips at The Beach Plum in Hampton! The chunky bisque was perfect, with huge moist pieces of lobster tail in it, and the strips were tasty too. They carry Richardson’s ice cream (a huge selection) which we skipped.

Our Seacoast ice cream adventure was epic. Having Ross’ car hit was a major bummer – in fact, the insurance company ended up totaling the car – but it was an amazing day of vacation, ocean and ice cream. I highly recommend it! And there are plenty of other ice cream places you can visit along the way too. Just try to skip the car accident part.

Thanks so much for reading!

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