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ChocGlitz and Cream, Albuquerque, NM

When I returned to the Albuquerque area, I initially gravitated toward El Cotorro, my favorite taco place that also makes their own Mexico City-style ice cream. But while doing a search for nearby ice cream options, out of habit, I realized I was even closer to another homemade ice cream place.

ChocGlitz and Cream offers a variety of treats, from mini and large candy apples to fair trade chocolate, and from fudge to handmade ice cream. I haven’t tried many of the treats, besides the apple, which was very tasty, but over the past several months I’ve gotten to try a variety of ice cream flavors. While they don’t have a gluten-free menu, the staff is reasonably knowledgeable and and clear about the limits of their knowledge in terms of what does or doesn’t have gluten.

Though on more recent visits they haven’t been able to allow anyone to taste flavors, the prices are fairly reasonable at $4 for a scoop, $6 for 2 scoops or $7 for 3. They usually have about a dozen flavors available, rotating a few staples and lots of seasonal flavors. Here’s what I tried:

Apple Cider Cinnamon – This tastes like fall. It’s so, so good! You get tart plus the cream…just fabulous. It makes me think of apple pie, fall, and fun and was my favorite of a couple of visits.

Licorice – This tastes like cold licorice! So if you love licorice, it’s a must do.

Chocolate – My goodness, it’s like brownie batter! It’s so soft, smooth, and creamy. Amazing. It’s my top one or two of a “brownie batter” style chocolate ice cream, and likely a top ten for chocolate in general. It’s about a medium chocolate. Yum!!! You can’t lose with this.

Sweet Cream – This is a simple and clean flavor, more subtle than most, and really nice. I was actually surprised the texture wasn’t as creamy as the others – perhaps because it was a half-full container and had frozen oddly? It tastes super creamy, but it looks harder visually. It’s almost fluffy!

Pumpkin Pecan Praline – This was like pumpkin pie. Canned pumpkin combines with tasty, not too sweet chunks that crunch. If you love pumpkin, this will be just like cold pumpkin with the seasoning you’d hope for.

Mint Chip – This is a fairly traditional take – a little too “off the shelf” for me. What you might expect.

Peanut Butter – Think peanut butter plus cream cheese in taste, like a cheesecake. It’s smooth and super yummy!

Pistachio – The super creamy pistachio base has a sweet fruitiness, delightful really, with real pistachio chunks. It’s so good! I never get pistachio, but I was happy to today.

Raspberry Lavender – Both flavors are here, first raspberry and then lavender. It’s bright and creamy, a little tart but balanced in strength by the cream. It’s an unexpected and fun combo, honestly really lovely and one of my favorite takes on lavender.

Matcha Green Tea – This is a perfect recreation of the tea flavor in ice cream form. It’s a very forward flavor. Delicious! Ross found it almost nutty, and it paired really well with the sweet cream.

I didn’t try it, but they carry a non-homemade vegan ice cream. The portions are HUGE, so if the prices seem a bit high, it’s actually very reasonable for what you get. I found the flavors extremely consistent across the board. They know how to make ice cream here for sure. And their flavors are in your face, generally exactly what you’d hope for when you hear the flavor.

Their COVID-19 precautions seem really smart, and we’ve always felt comfortable coming here.

Thank you SO MUCH to ChocGlitz and Cream. It’s been a true joy to visit and have traditional American-style ice cream done so well nearby. We hope to be back very soon to try some more flavors and your fudge.

Be well, and happy eating!

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