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Golden Cow Creamery, Charlotte, NC

While passing through Charlotte (on the way from visiting a cousin to return to visiting my sister-in-law and her husband), it was essential to escape the rush hour traffic, so we took a break to check out Golden Cow Creamery. I’m so glad we did!

They were extremely patient with me as I tried different flavors. I was pleased to see they don’t use anything artificial in their ice cream – ice cream isn’t health food, but we all can use less chemicals and artificial flavors in our lives.

They bill themselves as Charlotte’s best homemade ice cream, and though I can’t say that for certain, it’s certainly worth a stop to find out for yourself.

Here’s what I tried:

Mint Chocolate – This had excellent chocolate chips, but the mint unfortunately was fairly medicinal to me, like toothpaste. (Regular readers know I’m more picky about this flavor than any other.)

Toasted Coconut – Yum! This is super creamy and light, except for the toasted coconut bits. This is a really excellent ice cream if you like coconut (like I do). It would also cut well with other flavors.

Chocolate – This is super creamy and tasty, reminding me of hot chocolate, with almost a grainy quality to it. This is in my top five for a lighter chocolate ice cream. Wow! Delicious, like a high-quality fudgsicle.

Pumpkin Spice – This is a super pumpkin base, tasting very much like the real thing, with spices – like pumpkin pie filling. It so tasty, one of the best and most natural I’ve had. It isn’t too sweet, and it’s very smooth. To be honest, it isn’t my favorite spice combination, but it’s really interesting, and I enjoyed it more with each bite. It paired well with Mexican hot chocolate.

Mexican Hot Chocolate – Fun, with a coconut cream base.

Dunkaroos – This is almost like a more vanilla flavor of birthday cake, with sprinkles and Dunkaroos and a sweet frosting-flavored base. So yummy! My husband got it and said it’s “Saturday morning ice cream”.

What great ice cream! Overall Golden Cow Creamery’s ice cream is excellent, with smooth and consistent bases. It’s quite small, so it makes sense that they’re currently offering takeout and outdoor seating only.

The prices here are reasonable, and you can do two flavors in either a single or a double. I went with a good size flight of four flavors for $6.50.

Photos from Golden Cow Creamery’s website.

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