Opening Day at the Right Place for a Scoop

Happy April, ice cream fans! Careful readers may have noticed that I’ve mentioned Just the Wright Place for Ice Cream in Stratham a few times since this blog began. The reason, of course, is that it’s been my favorite New Hampshire ice cream AND frozen yogurt place for many years. I used to work in Exeter, NH, part-time, and that put me close enough to this gem to visit as much as 2 (or even 3) times per week during their season. So for many years, I’ve made a point to get frozen yogurt (or occasionally ice cream) at the Wright Place, as it just didn’t feel like summer without it. Even if it meant driving an hour each way!

IMG_2163When they announced they’d be opening this past Saturday, and it was already a day that I had free and was planning to be in southern NH, I knew it was the perfect excuse for a visit. Unfortunately, the weather was not “ice cream weather”. It was very rainy and cold, at least by the time I arrived around 1 p.m. But of course it meant that I didn’t have to brave any lines or deal with crazy children, so there was a definite plus to the weather too!

If you’ve gotten ice cream near or on the Seacoast, you know it can get very expensive. (It’s particularly expensive because the portions tend to be HUGE out this way…when an ice cream place is openly advertising 1/2 scoops and even 1/4 scoops at some place, you know something is a little off…) I’m happy to report that ice cream is actually very affordable at the Wright Place. Prices went up a tad this year, so that “one scoop” is $3.80. But as you might be able to tell from the picture, one scoop here is at least 2 or 3 scoops…I’ve made the switch down to 1 from 2 and have never regretted it, so unless you regularly consume gargantuan portions, I’d recommend one scoop. (And yes, they’ll give you a half scoop if you ask.) Two words of warning – they only take check or cash, so hit the ATM before you come, and make sure you’ve used the restroom as well as there isn’t a public restroom here.

Since I knew all of my readers would want a report on their ice cream (and since I was solo for this trip), I started by trying Sweet Almond Cream ice cream. It’s absolutely delicious. Smooth, a richer buttery flavor with almond chunks. I highly recommend it! I of course would have been happy to try every flavor (they’ve never failed me, except for one time when my “cookies” enhanced frozen yogurt had no cookies!) but I knew you’d forgive me for considering my waistline as well as my appetite for ice cream.

IMG_2170One of my friends has recently informed me that the Wright Place makes the best ice cream sodas in the state, according to her wife. If I’d had a partner in crime that day, we would have tried one, but as a solo adventurer I didn’t think I could handle a whole ice cream soda last weekend, so that will have to be saved for a future trip. It comes highly recommended though if you’re into ice cream sodas! They also have some wonderful sundaes & other fun treats.

My favorite things to order at the Wright Place are frozen yogurt. Their hard serve frozen yogurt is extremely good. Except for an occasional feeling that the texture isn’t quite as creamy as ice cream (and trust me, it’s only occasional), I absolutely love them. They use high-quality ingredients, from fruits to cookies and chocolate, and they don’t skimp just because it’s frozen yogurt. Is this stuff as healthy as a low-fat frozen yogurt from your local supermarket? I can’t imagine it is. But you’re not going to the ice cream stand for your health, you’re going for deliciousness, so I can’t recommend it more! I’m particularly partial to the flavors with cookies in them (oreos, cookie dough, oatmeal cookie, etc.) because they tend to be loaded with cookies on top of a nice base. I never eat this stuff and think “oh yeah, this is just frozen yogurt”. It’s way better than that.

The most unique thing that I can get at the Wright Place, by far, is their fat-free frozen yogurt soft serve. Would I get it if it weren’t fat-free? Obviously. The fact that it is? Just icing on this incredible cake. If you typically enjoy “twisting” two flavors, like vanilla and chocolate, be sure to ask them to layer two flavors of your choice here. They do an awesome job with it and it’s a great way to try two flavors in one scoop of ice cream.

IMG_2166For opening day, they had a bunch of my favorites available, including vanilla, chocolate, black raspberry and mudslide soft serve yogurts. I went with mudslide and chocolate, layered. I love this combination so much. Mudslide – it has such a super strong prominent flavor. So smooth and a really intense frozen experience. Chocolate – this is a sweeter, darker flavor than you might get elsewhere. The intensity is lovely and you better have a sweet tooth if you order this! It doesn’t taste like high milk fat would, of course, but there’s still a richness to it. Both flavors together are super smooth and creamy, if a tad more watery than ice cream due to the lack of fat. And this combination will for sure remind you of your favorite rich creamy adult drink.

IMG_2172Because I live so far from the Wright Place (if I drive straight through, it’s actually about a two hour drive for me), I try to stock up when I do visit. In fact, last year, my husband’s parents picked up some frozen yogurt for me as my birthday gift! So thoughtful, right? I asked what they had pre-packed out back. (They can also hand-pack, but as a former ice cream scooper in high school, I remember how painful that is!) For frozen yogurts, they had black raspberry chip and coffee cookies and cream available….they also had chocolate chip, but I went with the first two because I knew I liked them and they’d fit easily in my cooler.

I haven’t tried coffee cookies and cream yet this year, but I’ve been indulging in the black raspberry chip yogurt regularly. Fluffy lighter texture full of fruit flavor. It’s creamy but not too rich – reminiscent of raspberries with milk. It reminds you how awesome nature is to provide flavors like this to play with. The chocolate chunks are fantastic – dark and full of flavor. And they’re large enough to satisfy chocolate lovers who wouldn’t normally pick a fruity flavor (like me!).

Clearly I am biased toward the Wright Place, but it’s definitely with good reason. Have you visited this gem in Stratham, NH yet? Have you heard about any other openings I should know about?

I hope you have a sweet week – thanks for stopping by!

p.s. Thanks for doing your usual Amazon shopping using my affiliate link!


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