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Alcoholic Delights in Austin

What’s a group of adults craving a night out to do when their sweet tooth is calling? The average ice cream place, even if it’s an upscale parlor, caters to children and families, so even after 10 pm, it may not be a relaxing setting for your girls’ night or after-hours get together.Well, if you happen to be in Austin, you’ve got plenty of options. And one of them is Prohibition Creamery.Although Austin has many delicious ice cream places to choose from, we visited there in an RV, so getting around was a challenge. Lucky for us, we walked right by Prohibition Creamery after a long day of walking. There was no resisting their unique bar/homemade ice cream combination! 

I went with two flavors. They don’t carry a wide variety, but it’s a nice mixture of alcoholic and non-alcoholic ice cream. (And we saw a family drop in during the afternoon, so apparently that’s cool too, at least during the day.) Our thoughts are below. 

Dark Chocolate – This is actually a vegan sorbet. It was a little grainy, but honestly it was quite smooth for a sorbet, almost creamy. Ross said it began with a note of dark chocolate, then a bitterness, and finally a fruitiness. Unfortunately there was a bit of ice burn in one side of my scoop. The other side was just about perfect!

Mezcal Vanilla – This is one of their boozy flavors. It’s fun! The alcohol is subtle and very complimentary. 

Triple Bourbon Milkshake – This was Ross’ selection. It includes bourbon, bourbon ice cream and bourbon whipped cream! He loved it and now has really high expectations for when we go back someday. 

Alcohol in ice cream is often subtle and perhaps much worse, just not done well. Alcohol messes with the chemistry of the ice cream, making it harder to execute well. Here overall it’s prominent and done well since it’s basically what they do! 

This place isn’t cheap. You’ll spend much more here then you’d expect in your average ice cream parlor. And of course alcohol always will increase your costs. But we highly recommend giving them a shot. As Ross said, “If we lived here, this could be where we had all our business meetings.” I love that there’s a place to accommodate my crazy sweet tooth and Ross’ desire for a drink. 

Have you been to Austin? Where do you recommend for an ice cream treat? 

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An Odd, but Delicious, Paradise Found

Sandwich Creamery is odd, for a few reasons. For one, it’s in the middle of nowhere, in a small town, down a long dirt road.

For another, it is self-serve. Yes, it’s a self-serve ice cream stand. You bring the cash and help yourself to local products and ice cream in a few sizes.

Oh, and this part isn’t odd – it’s amazing.

The prices are great – $3 small, $4 medium, $6 large. The medium is a pint. I went with two half pints, for research purposes of course. A large is a quart. I had plenty but this stuff is so good, I could have kept eating for a while.

Here’s what I chose – Ross wasn’t really hungry yet.

Muddy Mint – A chocolate mint base with pistachio and chocolate chunks. This is just outstanding. Outstanding. It has fabulous flavor, super smooth base and not too thick, just the perfect consistency. This is the perfect combo of chocolate and mint, and the mixins were diced small which was perfect.

Mexican jumping bean – A cinnamon chocolate base with chocolate covered coffee beans. Where do I begin? This is insanely delicious. You’ll feel the cinnamon in your nose – to Ross, it reminded him of a Yankee candle, but in a good way. It’s basically perfect. The chocolate was super tasty, the beans crunch and chocolatey and delicious.

In short, we are crazy about Sandwich Creamery. They have really long hours since it is self-serve. Make it a destination, bring a cooler and enjoy one of my contenders for best ice cream in New Hampshire.

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Seafood, Soft Serve and Slick’s

Sometimes, you’re in the mood for ice cream, and you go to an ice cream place. And in Littleton, Bishop’s is a solid option. Other times, you’re specifically in the mood for Slick’s ice cream, of Woodsville. But if you’re in Littleton and you don’t have the time to drive to Woodsville and back, you’ve got another option. Likewise, if you’re craving some fried seafood or a burger…

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