An Epic Ice Cream Adventure Through Tampa, FL – Part 2

Food at Dough, Tampa, FL | In Search of a Scoop

It’s hard to imagine a day better spent than one visiting three different homemade ice cream places, eating booza (an Arabic style of ice cream), Thai-style hand-rolled ice cream and a spicy goat cheese based ice cream in Tampa, amongst many others. Here’s part two of my thrilling ice cream adventure in the Tampa, Florida area. (Missed part 1? You can find it here.)

After enjoying booza bakdash and rolled ice cream for the first time, we headed to our next destination.

Inside view of Dough, Tampa, FL | In Search of a Scoop

View of part of the interior of Dough, Tampa, FL

#2 Dough, Tampa, FL

Dough came recommended to us by an acquaintance (a local), and their website definitely had me intrigued. I was a little bit nervous to visit though, because they are mostly a bakery and coffee shop, and as a gluten-sensitive person, I knew it would be sad to skip over all of the pastries.

But the nice part of ice cream touring with my husband, Ross (besides the chauffeur part) is that he can enjoy the things I can’t.

Maple bacon donut, Dough, Tampa, FL | In Search of a Scoop

Maple bacon donut – oh my!

So Ross ordered a coffee and a maple bacon doughnut. I can attest that the maple topping and the bacon are delicious. The bacon is really smoky, and Ross said they’re on a thick, doughy base that is very well made and tasty even at day’s end. It has a filling inside like a Boston cream doughnut!

For ice cream, I tasted a few flavors. They have a fairly small selection, but they make them all in house.

Mint Chip – Surprisingly, this was pretty medicinal to me. It’s not your average mint, and though on first bite, I thought I might like that, the aftertaste made me realize it’s not something I’d gravitate towards. It’s a super smooth texture though.

IMG_0328Galaxy – Galaxy is vanilla with activated charcoal and sprinkles. That makes it a very pretty scoop. However, I know that activated charcoal isn’t just good for turning your mouth black…it’s also good for cleaning your system out, including any medications etc….so I stuck to just one bite, which was quite tasty and very smooth and fun.

Peanut Butter Cup – This one was my choice. It’s super smooth, with a vanilla base that’s pleasant. The peanut butter cup is finely cut and it’s very nice. The ice cream is well whipped, so it’s light and almost fluffy. The peanut butter cup itself was very salty. I ordered a kiddie, which felt like a very good deal at $2.55 plus tax.

This place is a super adorable coffee house. It’s cozy, quirky and feels really upscale as a place for coffee or a treat. I wasn’t wowed by the flavors of ice cream here, but everything they had was well done – and as I mentioned, ice cream really isn’t the focus of what they do here. There is a doughnut cone available which would be fun. The ice cream is lighter and fluffier than my most favorite ice creams, but the smooth and creamy quality is great and the distribution of candy is pretty perfect.

One bummer? The website mentioned that toppings are free – but when I was ordering, they never mentioned that to me, and I forgot about it. So maybe ask about it when you visit. 🙂

If you’re looking for other Florida ice cream reviews, you might enjoy my recommendations in GainesvilleAmple Hills at the Boardwalk at Walt Disney World (no park ticket required), Kelly’s in Orlando and a write up of all my Disney ice cream adventures including my favorite place for mint chocolate chip,  L’Artisan des Glaces in Epcot. (Fuller article on the latter to come!)

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