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How Much Ice Cream Can You Fit Into a Week?

Do you ever ask yourself this question? Do you struggle with the desire to stay healthy while eating lots of ice cream? I certainly do. 

This past week I flew back to New Hampshire. The combined stress of travel, mild family drama and life combined with my ice cream-craving brain in a major way. Suffice to say that I ate too much dairy, sugar and fat. And when I thought about how to write about it, I realized just how intense it was. It’s like I scheduled it out with a desire to eat as much as possible. 

So be shocked, or use this as a guide for yourself on how to eat too much ice cream and sweet treats. 

Wednesday – A small hazelnut soft serve frozen yogurt with raspberries at Pinkberry at the Baltimore airport. A kiddie size Wild NH Black Bear – vanilla with red raspberry swirl and chocolate raspberry truffles – from Lang’s, who serve Blake’s ice cream. 

Thursday – A large with cotton candy, coconut cream and Wild Maine Black Bear, a red raspberry ice cream with dark chocolate truffles, for lunch at Jordan’s Creamery. 

Friday – A dish of Coconut Bliss‘ Cherry Amaretto (coconut-based, dairy-free) with fun toppings at a pre-wedding dinner. 

Saturday – A dish of Round Top’s Salted Caramel ice cream with hot fudge at a wedding dinner.  

Sunday – A small Wild NH Black Bear with hot fudge at Lang’s after dinner. 

Monday – A scoop of ice cream with two flavors, Moose Tracks (vanilla, amazing fudge ripple, peanut butter truffles) and Peppermint Stick, at Merrivale Ice Cream next to The Pizza Man

Tuesday – A small dish of Milk ( low-fat frozen yogurt) at Pinkberry with lunch. A small hot fudge shake at Sonic with dinner. 

Have you ever eaten this much sweetness in a week? What does your dream ice cream week look like? Tell me about it!

Odd Fellows in N.Y.C.

This summer’s quick jaunt to New York City was fabulous. We fit in two shows and three ice cream places! (If you missed it, I reviewed Morgenstern’s last week.) The second stop of our trip was Oddfellows, nestled near Playwrights Horizons and other off and off-off-Broadway theatres. 

We knew from the moment we saw Odd Fellows that they were unique. They’re famous for their ice cream sandwiches, but we were already pretty full from our first ice cream stop! So we settled on sticking to ice cream. 

Lime Tarragon – It’s a sorbet! Ross thought it tasted like Pickety Place, known for using their own herbs in their lunches (and also where we got married, incidentally). I loved this, it’s unreal! The tarragon wakes you up and takes this to the next level. It isn’t watery at all…much more than I expected from sorbet. Almost creamy. 

Green Matcha – Ross tried this but passed. He said it just wasn’t the flavor he expected. 

Olive Oil Strawberry – The strawberry is very real, almost more sorbet-like, and it’s woven with olive oil ice cream which is really complex and has a real aftertaste of olive oil. It wasn’t my favorite but it’s super interesting, rich and creamy. Ross described it as everything he is looking for in an ice cream!

Our single scoops came to $4 each with tax, which seemed reasonable for New York City. They rotate flavors and keep eight in stock.  We were delighted to see ice cream and frozen yogurt trucks throughout our travels. If you have a favorite, let me know! And finally, it’s not ice cream-related, but we saw the amazing show Shuffle Along while we were in town. Phenomenal cast and production team, and an incredible story that brought back memories from my independent study in high school, where I wrote about the depiction of African-Americans in American musical theater. A few photos are below! 

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Bishop’s is a Littleton, NH institution. I first discovered it while I was working at the Weathervane Theatre in Whitefield, NH in 2007. Bishop’s makes seasonal, homemade ice cream (although the Littleton Food Co-op carries some flavors year-round) and has been owned by the same couple since its founding, as far as I know.

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Chillin’ on the Seacoast – An Epic 3 Part Adventure of Violence, Seafood and Ice Cream (Part 2)

If you’ll recall from Part 1 of this adventure, my husband and I embarked on a epic day trip to the NH & ME Seacoast area, with the goal of getting ice cream three times in one day. In part one, we found the Seacoast, after a false but wonderful start, and then indulged in some delicious Lago’s ice cream.

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Chillin’ on the Seacoast – An Epic 3 Part Adventure of Violence, Seafood and Ice Cream (Part 1)

My husband and I will both be working at Jean’s Playhouse in Lincoln this summer. It’s a traditional summer stock model, which means for the uninitiated that I will be living and breathing theater this summer, and my husband Ross, although he’ll have more non-theater time than me, will be getting a taste of the strange world of professional theater that I spent many years working in.

Due to this upcoming schedule change, it’s become especially important to me to visit a new ice cream place each week and “bank” some visits. It was with all of this in mind, plus the realization that we should head to the beach now because we wouldn’t have a vacation or time to visit the beach for many months – that inspired this adventure.

Our plan was fairly straightforward. Head north along the coast, getting as much sea air and as many ocean views as possible in, and visit at least three ice cream places along the way(!). So armed with addresses & hours for ice cream stands in NH & ME, our phone as a GPS and each other, we began our epic adventure. (After all, even public radio nerds need their sea air!)

Obstacle number 1? As we drove on Route 101 East, I started asking questions. We quickly realized that neither of us actually knew how to get to the coast. I had a vague memory that we wanted Route 1. We were in no rush to get, there, of course. Which is a good thing, because after wandering Route 1 for a while, stopping at a phenomenal candy store (Sanborn’s Fine Candies) and a charming cafe & bookstore next to it, Ross said something like, “You know what? I think we’re actually supposed to be on Route 1A.” So after rejoicing that we’d gone Route 1 and found these awesome places in Hampton, we headed to the actual coast for some beach driving, with a pause of course to actually get out, stand on the rocks and admire it all. It was gorgeous, as usual, and after some viewing of most of New Hampshire’s 8 mile coast line, it was time to head to our first destination – Lago’s.

Lago’s Ice Cream in Rye, NH and I go way back. Back about 8 years, to be exact, when I would frequently stop at Lago’s for a delicious if indulgent meal of ice cream. I also fondly remembered their frozen yogurt selection. And of course, it’s all homemade. So with a much more seasoned palate than I had back then, we followed the GPS – and didn’t find it. After I followed my nose a bit, we DID find it (the GPS overshot things, but we were very close) and we eagerly headed over to the menu.

I remembered that Lago’s had gargantuan portions. Knowing that we had a long day of eating ahead of us, we decided to go with a baby cone each. And honestly, that was just fine! Plenty to satiate us for a while, and I’d brought some healthier lunch/snack stuff in case we needed it later.

I knew that at a baby size, one flavor would make sense, but I did ask to try the Black Raspberry Oreo yogurt. It’s a very bright, fun raspberry flavor. It’s “real-ish”, but not the best black raspberry I’ve had all year – that goes hands down to the Wright Place, of course. But oreo with raspberry is an absolutely fantastic combination, and they were really generous with the oreos! Glad to see my memories of their yogurts were validated. The baby cones were cheap. With tax for the two of us, it came to $6.54 ($3 each without). Ice cream is always a little bit more expensive on the Seacoast (maybe everything is?) but we were satisfied with the price overall.

Here’s what we ended up getting:

Tag-a-long: Ross ordered this one, inspired by the Girl Scout cookie of course. It’s very complicated, with a cake batter ice cream, chocolate fudge, vanilla frosting, peanut butter, chips ahoy cookies etc. I only had a bite, but it was very tasty and Ross seemed pleased although he doesn’t usually go for such things. “A cocktail of candy designed to honor the third best Girl Scout cookie” was his description. It’s very smooth and full of stuff!

S’Mores: The vanilla base is pretty heavenly, it melts in your mouth. The big and tasty chocolate chunks are high quality, and there were some actual marshmallows too. The base actually tasted a lot like marshmallow to me, but upon further reflection I decided it must be vanilla. This is a light and fluffy ice cream. Very good overall. The consistency here of mixins isn’t always stellar, but it’s generally a very satisfying, high quality ice cream.

I love the flavor list here, it’s more than 40 different types of ice cream plus yogurts, a dozen specials etc., and they have both indoor and outdoor seating. Keep in mind that it’s cash only! Also, they make their own whipped cream. Which means we basically failed because we didn’t get it, so you should do that!

To learn about the violent turn that our epic adventure took, you’ll have to stay tuned for part 2 in a future blog post. Thanks so much for reading!


The Art of Ice Cream (& Where to Find It)

Making ice cream isn’t easy. I knew this, of course. I haven’t made ice cream often. Once I helped a friend hand crank their old-fashioned ice cream maker. A few other times, I used a soft serve ice cream maker my mother was given as a gift but never took advantage of (and ultimately let me have). And a couple of other times, I’ve used the ice cream ball that my husband purchased for me for Christmas a few years ago. It’s not the most efficient way to make hard ice cream, but it’s one of the most fun, so I insisted I wanted it, of course. 🙂 And there was that one other time that I followed a recipe for ice cream made in the freezer without a machine….despite all of my substitutions and improvisations, it came out pretty well.

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Opening Day at the Right Place for a Scoop

Happy April, ice cream fans! Careful readers may have noticed that I’ve mentioned Just the Wright Place for Ice Cream in Stratham a few times since this blog began. The reason, of course, is that it’s been my favorite New Hampshire ice cream AND frozen yogurt place for many years. I used to work in Exeter, NH, part-time, and that put me close enough to this gem to visit as much as 2 (or even 3) times per week during their season. So for many years, I’ve made a point to get frozen yogurt (or occasionally ice cream) at the Wright Place, as it just didn’t feel like summer without it. Even if it meant driving an hour each way!

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Yes Mom, I Had To Eat Two Bowls of Ice Cream

Easter Sunday is normally a fairly religious day for me. My morning started off that way – I played the piano and organ for two church services (and sang and led a choir for the second service). But by 11:15 a.m. or so, I’d finished playing, had a quick snack and headed out the door to meet my husband before we headed home via a to-be-determined ice cream location.

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