Sanctuary Dairy Farm

Sanctuary Dairy Farm is a place I hadn’t heard of before starting this blog, but since then, I’ve read a lot about them. The origin story is pretty great. Based in Sunapee, NH on a farm, the ice cream shop began with a nine year old boy’s dream. Beck is the head ice cream maker and now has a degree in ice cream science!

The farm is in the middle of nowhere, in an absolutely gorgeous spot in Sunapee. It’s perfect for kids – they can run around a bit, feed the animals and play. The prices are reasonable, at $4 for two scoops.

Here are the flavors I settled on:

Butterscotch Crunch Yogurt – This is fun and very unique. I’m not sure exactly what was in it – peanut butter chips? Crunchy stuff? I think it was probably a vanilla base with butterscotch. Maybe some shredded chocolate? Pretty great.

Maple Cream Ice Cream – Unfortunately while this was smooth and tasty, the maple is much too light for my taste. Needs more grade b syrup perhaps?

This ice cream (and yogurt) had a great mouthfeel and wasn’t too fudgy or thick, so I would be happy to try others. Also, the¬†Town of Newbury has an awesome parking area with places to explore or picnic on the water – though it’s a ten minute drive, that’s where I ate mine and it was awesome!

Have you visited Sanctuary Dairy Farm? What’d you think?

Thanks for stopping by!

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