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Return to Hatchland, N. Haverhill, NH

I last blogged about the magic of Hatchland Farm’s ice cream in the fall 2018. At the time, all I had tried was their maple soft serve and maple hard ice cream. Spoiler alert: I loved it.

Last fall, I wasn’t teaching locally, so I had to work harder to find reasons to visit Hatchland, which is in the middle of nowhere aka North Haverhill, New Hampshire. But trust me, if I was within an hour or two of Hatchland, I did everything possible to make a visit!

As of my last visit, they were still offering both sugar and regular gluten-free cones in addition to the regular offerings and waffle cones. With COVID-19, they’ve had to adjust their inventory somewhat, so call ahead if that’s a deal-breaker for you.

They use their own cream and milk in the ice cream, and they’ve got a cute general store carrying pints and quarts to go, milk, eggs and lots of other local products and even some baked goods and produce.

Their hard ice cream is excellent, I’ve had several flavors and I recommend it enthusiastically. It’s definitely on the harder side, but none of that super hard texture. It’s still creamy.

Their soft serve is 100% the best reason to visit. Since my last writing, I learned that they use their soft serve as a way to use up their extra cream, which means this stuff is richer than the soft serve you’ll find anywhere else in NH (and almost anywhere, in my own experience).

The maple soft serve is still my absolute favorite.

The sweet cream soft serve is not too sweat, super creamy and almost like butter. Rich and lovely!!

And of course their vanilla and chocolate soft serves are equally delightful.

If you ever see the option to get maple and sweet cream as a twist, DO IT! But also, get them separately. Just eat them, trust me.

They only carry two flavors of soft serve at any given time, and they rotate out the non-vanilla flavor, so don’t get your hopes married on any particular one. You can follow them on Facebook for fairly regular flavor updates.

They offer ice cream flights and their ice cream is pretty darn cheap, and laughably so if you’re used to city prices. And portions are large!

They sometimes have coffee soft serve…they sometimes have strawberry shortcake…and you need to try this.

Last fall, I drove to Hatchland when I was in Plymouth or when I was in Littleton. It’s not particularly close to either. But it’s worth the trip, and the scenery there and back is gorgeous. They scoop seasonally though their store will keep selling pints and such while they have it.

Have you made a trip to Hatchland yet? If not, what’s stopping you?

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