Old Town Churn, Fort Collins, CO

Old Town Churn, Fort Collins, CO I In Search Of A Scoop

This week is almost a sequel to last week’s blog on Little Man Ice Cream. That’s because Old Town Churn is owned by the same company!

Old Town Churn, Fort Collins, CO I In Search Of A Scoop









Old Town Churn is a really adorable, relatively new addition to Fort Collins. It’s a part of a larger complex with eateries, places for drinks and of course the essential ice cream stop, with lots of outdoor seating and a wonderful location to visit when you’re downtown. (I highly recommend heading across the street for a cider at Scrumpy’s before you leave!)

My previous ice cream experiences in Fort Collins had been somewhat disappointing, particularly downtown, so I was eager to try a new place, especially given my fondness for Little Man in Denver.

I really enjoyed my visit to Old Town Church in July. My biggest disappointment was getting ice chunks in multiple flavors – which seemed especially odd in July. I hope they’ve worked that out. Besides that, the staff was friendly, the location is adorable (I couldn’t capture it well, but it’s a super cute stand that you can’t miss), and they have some fun with flavors too. They have lots of fun flavors, including nice vegan options.

Here’s what I tried:

Old Town Churn, Fort Collins, CO I In Search Of A Scoop

All Nighter – This is a vanilla espresso base with a chocolate fudge swirl. The espresso flavor is very forward, and the vanilla is there, but not as prominent. The fudge is well-integrated and really tasty. This is a delicious combination, and not too subtle (they’ve avoided the Fort Collins ice cream curse!), thank goodness. I did find an ice crystal. It’s a fabulous flavor, very well done, and it could make my top twenty for favorite flavors. Delicious.

Matcha Honey – This is a very forward matcha flavor, with nice sweetness from the honey. It’s super well-balanced and not too subtle. Unfortunately there were several ice crystals, but besides that, it’s a definite winner. It was excellent except for that.

The presentation is really well done, with a big bowl and side by side flavors as a nice and practical touch. It was $4.37 for a medium, which is a very reasonable price, though the sizes here seemed smaller to me than at Little Man. (Maybe I was hungry?) I appreciated seeing them use real bowls and spoons.

This location balances conventional flavors with unusual ones quite well, though they were all on the sweeter side. I’m thrilled to have a tasty (read: not subtle) ice cream option in Fort Collins, and the price is right too. They’re open year-round, though the exact days and hours are seasonal.

Have you visited Old Town Churn?

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