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Full Tilt in Seattle, WA

My cousin Michelle’s husband, Roscoe, recommended Full Tilt as his favorite local ice cream place during a visit to Seattle last August. I knew the ice cream couldn’t be as good as Michelle’s own brown butter ice cream, but I was happy to give it a shot.

Full Tilt, Seattle, WA I In Search of a Scoop

Full Tilt’s employees were willing to put two flavors into a single for me, and at $4.25 plus tax, the ice cream is very reasonable or even cheap for a big city.

The staff was nice and professional, though to be honest they weren’t thrilled to let me try more than a few flavors. (I don’t think they’re used to people pondering and savoring and debating flavors. Oops.) Luckily my family got a variety between us.

Full Tilt, Seattle, WA I In Search of a Scoop

The atmosphere is kind of like your favorite dingy college basement hangout, with informal signage and not a fancy setup. They have a few pinball and arcade machines to play too, and they gave us a sticker – always a bonus! – which my husband promptly put onto his guitar case. Their website also mentions they offer live music. There are several beers and ciders on tap to enjoy, and they’ve got a punch card. We also learned they’re a franchise, so the atmosphere may be 100% different in one of their other Seattle locations.

Here’s what I got:

Full Tilt, Seattle, WA I In Search of a Scoop

Ube – This sweet potato flavor was sweeter than anticipated. It’s very creamy and really nice, though perhaps a little one note? It would be delightful topped with marshmallow topping or pecans.

Rose Rhubarb – The rose is really prominent here, and the rhubarb brings a nice sweetness. It was unexpected and fun!

Salted Caramel – The salt is very forward here. Very tasty!

Raspberry Truffle – This is kind of a medium chocolate with a raspberry flavoring. It’s very smooth, like an ice cream version of a truffle.

Strawberry Limeade Sorbet – This is very fun, with both flavors prominent and combining really well. It’s both tart and sweet!

Watermelon Marshmallow – You’ll definitely get both flavors here! It’s a bit artificial, and the marshmallows are very fun…it’s a kind of unusual combination!

Full Tilt also offers many vegan flavors (coconut milk or sorbet), fun toppings like toasted marshmallow and cider sorbet floats!

It’s is a fun spin on ice cream, with lots of interesting flavors. They’ve got takeout available now if you need a fix. Have you tried it?

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