Pretty Sweet Emporium, Silver City, NM

When I last visited Silver City, the only homemade ice cream of note was Vicky’s. Delicious as it was, they keep short hours, are a sit-down place and have limited options. So I was psyched when I stumbled on some ice cream in an antiques store. Pretty Sweet Emporium, Silver City, NM | In Search of a ScoopPretty Sweet Emporium, Silver City, NM | In Search of a Scoop

This visit, I didn’t know if they’d still be in business. I was delighted to see them not just surviving, but thriving, in their downtown location!

Pretty Sweet Emporium is fancy, with small and pricey portions but clearly very high quality, homemade ice cream. They mention that their super premium ice cream uses no eggs and has less sugar than you might expect. Pretty Sweet Emporium, Silver City, NM | In Search of a Scoop

Taking the kids or just craving a big cheap sundae? They’ve got some more basic flavors too, at a price point your budget can more easily handle, if you can give up the homemade, higher quality.

Here’s what I tried:

Ghirardelli Chocolate Fudge Swirl – This is a pretty intense flavor! It’s not too sweet, and super creamy. I found it very smooth and almost fudge-like.

Dulce de Leche – This is their most popular – it’s a super forward caramel. I enjoyed this flavor – it isn’t my favorite, but it’s so unique!

Coconut Fudge – This is made of coconut cream, shreds and such. It’s very good if you love coconut!

Lemon Crepe Blueberry Ribbon – Wow. This was incredibly creamy – the creaminess reminds me of a cheesecake! The lemon and blueberry combo is fabulous – the lemon is especially prominent here. I highly recommend this! Pretty Sweet Emporium, Silver City, NM | In Search of a Scoop

They slow churn their ice cream like a gelato, which is really nice. Next time, I definitely want to try the raw Texas honey vanilla and the boysenberry.

Their other offerings include coffee house items, shakes and a chocolate float!

They gave me a single bowl with an extra scoop to get two flavors as small as I could. It came to $6.43 with tax. It was very rich and satisfying.

I’m delighted to see the direction these folks are going in. Be sure to stop in and give them a try when you’re in Silver City!


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