Copper Kettle Coffee House, Deming, NM

Ever wondered what lengths you’d go to for homemade ice cream? I can confess that it’s crossed my mind occasionally. Well, my persistence was recently tested in Deming, New Mexico – and I’m so happy to report that Copper Kettle is worth the effort!

This really isn’t your typical ice cream place. Mainly, it’s a coffee shop, and a lovely one, with extensive coffee offerings, plenty of tables, lots of natural sunlight and a big raised platform with comfy seats that doubles as a performance space.

I stumbled in here seeking WiFi initially, and it absolutely delivered in that regard, particularly useful on the days that the library wasn’t open. On my first visit, I inquired about what flavors of ice cream they had. All they had was cherry vanilla – I quickly learned that they sell out almost as soon as they can make it. I went with an unsweetened ice tea, figuring I might get ice cream later. By the time I was ready for the ice cream, it was gone, so I just enjoyed a few free refills of the tea – which made it an amazing deal.

After spending an afternoon, I left, armed with information on when to try and return to try the ice cream.

On my first visit back, I arrived less than an hour prior to close, according to Google…and it was closed.

On my next visit, I walked in the door, was recognized, and immediately was informed that the ice cream had been made the night prior and wasn’t hard enough yet.

I returned the next day, midday, and was told to try again that evening or the next day…

And finally, on the fourth try, I was delighted to learn the ice cream was ready! Phew.

Be aware that they store their ice cream out back. That means you can’t try a flavor before purchase. They typically make a few flavors at a time, and they may be very creative, so if you’ve got picky kids (or adults) with you, you may be better off at a Dairy Queen.

The portions here are very reasonable, and more than plenty for the price. I felt like they were very fair but not guaguantun either. And if you’re like me and want two flavors, they’re even willing to use two different cups so they don’t bleed together. How nice is that?

Here’s what I went with, over two trips:

Chai – This is really fun – not dissimilar in some ways to a pumpkin ice cream, which makes sense as I’m sure it has similar spices. It reminded me of something else too..almost marshmallow…very tasty. It’s just vanilla and chai, so it must be the vanilla I’m tasting. I think it could use a bit more kick but I really enjoy it as is.

Lemon Lavender – The lemon is fabulous and the lavender cuts through too. I love this as is for a summer flavor.

Matcha Mint Chip- This has clear flavors of matcha, mint and very tasty, hearty chips. (They’re satisfying, not super sweet.) The mint is really natural and not overdone. I loved this smooth base and tasty flavor!! I can see why it’s popular.

Vanilla – This is very nice. It’s lighter and refreshing, super smooth and creamy. This is in the Breyer’s mold but it’s own thing. It’s nice to slow down with the simplicity of vanilla sometimes. Honestly this could covert me to vanilla. Not too subtle, just light and creamy and beautiful.

They also offered me an Affogato which sounds delicious.

This is extremely smooth and creamy. Almost like eggnog! An excellent texture. This place holds its own against fancier and larger towns as an ice cream spot.

I am happy to highly recommend Copper Kettle for their friendly service and delicious ice cream. Come early and often so you can experience their choice of flavors before they run out.

Happy eating!

Copper Kettle Coffee House, Deming, NM | In Search of a ScoopCopper Kettle Coffee House, Deming, NM | In Search of a ScoopCopper Kettle Coffee House, Deming, NM | In Search of a ScoopCopper Kettle Coffee House, Deming, NM | In Search of a ScoopCopper Kettle Coffee House, Deming, NM | In Search of a Scoop


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