Tasty Treats in Twin Mountain

If you’re looking for a descriptive post of another place for homemade ice cream, this isn’t it. But I couldn’t resist a quick mention of 302 Grill in Twin Mountain, because my husband and I are working for them this summer!

Twin Mountain is a little village in the town of Carroll. Not much to it, and almost nowhere to grab a bite to eat. During the summer, Tarry Ho Campground opened 302 Grill to fill that void, and it really does, serving up delicious burgers, steak and cheese sandwiches and of course ice cream!

The flavors are limited, but they’re serving Blake’s, so it’s always pretty reliable for a delightful scoop. If you’re in the neighborhood, stop by! It’s near the intersection of Route 302 and Route 3.

They won’t be open much longer, and their hours are limited, so call ahead if you’re making it a destination. (And if they’re closed, you can drive a town or two away for other ice cream options.)

Thanks for reading!

p.s. Thanks for doing your usual Amazon shopping using my affiliate link!

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