A Hidden Gem in Henniker


Intervale Farm Pancake House in Henniker, NH is a great stop for pancakes. But did you know that for the last ten years, they’ve been scooping outdoors as Intervale Ice Cream?

I didn’t. In fact, I was on my way to get ice cream elsewhere when I drove by. Realizing I don’t have much reason to be in Henniker nowadays (though I worked there for six years), I decided to turn myself around and find out if they made their own ice cream.

Well, their Facebook page looked promising, so after confirming with their staff that they make their own, I went to work ordering.

As usual, I had to try a couple of flavors. I spent a reasonable $3.40 with tax. Here’s what I found:

Mint Oreo – Their mint is fabulous, natural and fresh with gargantuan bites of Oreo! The ice cream is a little dense/thick for my taste but every bite of it is amazing. I did find one ice chunk but maybe that was from storing?

Brownie batter – This is a realistic, dark and not super sweet chocolate batter base with brownie chunks. It’s delicious and a killer combo. My only complaint is that the Brownies were a little too chewy for my taste. They broke my spoon!

If you’re in the Henniker area, this is really a can’t miss. Otherwise, would I return? Absolutely. Since the texture was a bit too thick for me, I wouldn’t drive far out of my way. But I am sure I will stop by whenever I am in town.

As their Facebook page shows, they do really creative flavors too. For example, Panther Tracks has chocolate ice cream, brownie chunks, raspberry chocolate cups, chocolate chocolate chip cookie chunks and marshmallow swirl. Is that even legal?

Thanks for reading! Where have you been getting your ice cream fix this season?

p.s. Thanks for doing your usual Amazon shopping using my affiliate link!

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