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At Home At Sippy and Opal’s in Roswell

I went to Roswell, New Mexico for the aliens and for the yoga. (My husband plays live music for yoga classes. I take the classes, which can help burn off a few of my ice cream calories and is relaxing in any case.) But what surprised and wowed me was Sippy & Opal’s, an absolutely outstanding ice cream place in downtown Roswell.Ice cream at Sippy & Opal’s, Roswell, NM | In Search of a Scoop

This place is adorable. It’s named for the grandparents of the folks who founded it, and their pictures cover the walls.

You can expect reasonable prices, coffee drinks, baked goods and some exceptional ice cream. I can honestly say that this is in my top three best ice cream places in New Mexico. Don’t miss it!Ice cream at Sippy & Opal’s, Roswell, NM | In Search of a Scoop

They let me do multiple flavors, and if you get the largest size, you can get up to four half scoops of different flavors I believe. I went for three.

Another outstanding thing? They’ve got clear “GF” labels to tell you which flavors are gluten-free. So helpful!

Everything here is a little gooey and outrageously creamy. It’s one of the best and most consistent textures I have had!!!

Unlike many of my visits, I was able to return here a second time before writing my review, so there are lots of flavors to share. Here’s what I tried:Ice cream at Sippy & Opal’s, Roswell, NM | In Search of a Scoop

Mint Chocolate Chip – These chips are fantastic. The mint is very good and not artificial, although it isn’t my favorite of all time. It tastes homemade.

Raspberry Habanero – This creamy raspberry flavor is delicious. The bites with pepper in it have a really nice kick.

Key Lime – This was almost like a key lime cheesecake. It’s a more subtle flavor and very tasty. You’ll need to love key lime to fully appreciate it. It has the tanginess of cheesecake. I was in heaven!

Ice cream at Sippy & Opal’s, Roswell, NM | In Search of a ScoopGreen Tea – This has almost a marshmallow elasticity. It’s so good. Not too sweet, mostly creamy and the pure green tea flavor, but with no bitterness.

Caramel Macchiato – This has clear caramel and coffee notes. It isn’t super heavy or super sweet. There’s a delicious caramel aftertaste. It’s a similarly smooth and almost marshmallow texture to the base. Yum! It’s a subtle, sweet pick me up. I’d still prefer coffee, as a rule, but I love this.

Butter Pecan – This is a buttery base with thick, finally chopped pecans that are so yummy. It’s the perfect combo, and possibly the best I’ve had. Worth it!

Pistachio – This is very good, but I was only picking three. Next time I will do four. The largest size here is only $5 plus tax!

On my first visit, I ordered the first three I tried! In part because this place seems to always be busy, no matter the time of day. It was hopping at 2 pm on a Tuesday!

Don’t miss this place. Make a trip. You’ll be glad you did!

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