Finding Food at Findeisen’s

IMG_2198Findeisen’s Ice Cream can be found in both Salem, NH and Hudson, NH, based on my research. I haven’t ever been to the Salem location, but I am happy to report that Findeisen’s in Hudson is a reliable stop for a tasty homemade treat. They were one of the first ice cream places to open in southern New Hampshire this season, and on a day when I had time to kill in the Londonderry area, I made a stop.

The first thing I noticed, after the nonchalant strip mall exterior, was how super the service was! I was allowed to get multiple flavors in “one scoop”, their smallest listed size, and without my even asking, they layered the two flavors for me! I’ve actually never encountered that in a hard ice cream order and I really appreciated the effort. They take Square, so I didn’t have a way to tip on my card, but I made a point of digging out some cash in my car and returning with a good tip before I left.

IMG_2200Findeisen’s is more than meets the eye. For instance, they have some indoor seating – you definitely wouldn’t expect that when you pull up. They also have lots of picnic tables and a little space for kids to be active. So even though it’s tucked into an industrial corner of Hudson right on Route 102, don’t discount it. It’s also a really convenient place to stop as long as you keep an eye out for it within the strip mall.

I decided to choose Coffee and Oreo for my two flavors. My “one scoop” of ice cream cost about $3.80, which seemed standard and the portions might have even been generous for the price. A good deal and comparable to others in the area.

IMG_2201Coffee – This was a fairly subtle coffee flavor. I wished it was more prominent. The ice cream had a very nice mouth feel, but I wanted a little more coffee to balance everything else out in the ice cream. I loved how smooth it was.

Oreo – Classic Oreo ice cream stand taste. It had a tasty base, not the richest but a nice creamy texture, and the chunks of Oreo cookie were fabulous. A very solid Oreo ice cream.

That’s it for this week. Those of you following me on Facebook or Twitter are likely getting extra glimpses of what I’ve been up to. Last weekend, my husband and I went on an ice cream adventure on the Seacoast, getting ice cream three times before the day was over! So you can look forward to a series of blog posts based on our adventures there. I also owe you a post on ice cream making and on the delightful flight of ice cream I had at Jordan’s.

Thanks to everyone who has shared my blog posts for helping to get the word out about us. I really appreciate it.

More and more ice cream stands are opening for the season. I have plans to try one out tomorrow. Have a great weekend, and I hope it involves some ice cream!

p.s. Thanks for doing your usual Amazon shopping using my affiliate link!


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