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Gufo du Milano, El Paso, TX

Gufo di Milano gets the best reviews for ice cream or gelato in El Paso, and it’s easy to see why. It’s a sweet cafe worth a visit, offering coffee, sandwiches and occasional live music in addition to the gelato. They also host an open mic once a month, which we appreciate! Gufo di Milano, El Paso, TX | In Search of a Scoop

The staff was super-friendly and very patient with me. The sign stated we could try two samples each, but I was allowed the three I requested. Their signage shows a commitment to fresh and natural and to community, and it showed. Gufo di Milano, El Paso, TX | In Search of a Scoop

My first thought as the scooping began was that the gelato had a harder texture than I would have anticipated. But don’t you worry.

Here’s what I tried: Gufo di Milano, El Paso, TX | In Search of a Scoop

Pistachio Bronte – If the name sounds unusual, it refers to a specific kind of pistachio. This is some truly serious dark pistachio flavor. I found it very smooth, rich and pretty creamy too. I enjoyed the little chunks of pistachio. I could eat this all day! Yum.

Coffee – This coffee packs some serious heft. I really loved it. It’s for coffee lovers only. I found it a little deeper than Brigham’s, the coffee ice cream I hold as the standard from my childhood. This definitely makes my top 5, and maybe even my top 3, for coffee!

Lemon Cucumber Tajin – Wow. This is spicy, bright, and all the mentioned flavors come through clearly. It’s amazing and complicated and lovely. If I had to be picky, I’d mention that it’s slightly less creamy than the others I tried. This is a perfect summer flavor.

For the record, the pistachio and coffee are a fabulous pairing. Pricing here is reasonable for gelato, starting at $4.19 and going up to $5.99 for a large, which I did with three scoops.

This place offers really great gelato! Also, it appears that ALL of their gelato is gluten-free, which is awesome to see. I had a fantastic visit here and look forward to returning again soon!

Gufo di Milano, El Paso, TX | In Search of a Scoop


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