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Pints Ice Cream and Beer, Fuquay-Varina, NC

Pints is one of the most unique spots we’ve been to, because they don’t just make amazing homemade ice cream – they have a full-service bar! They specialize in their own ice cream and craft beer, and they do it really, really well. The only odd thing, during our visit, was the realization that they are both kid-friendly and adult-friendly…so, don’t be shocked if a little tyke is at the next table if you come for an early happy hour!

I visited last fall, when the world looked very different than it does today. If you go today, they aren’t allowed to serve alcohol on their patio, because they’re considered a “bar”. But that won’t stop you from enjoying some ice cream!

They carry a smaller list of flavors, but it’s always got some really unique offerings. If you’re gluten-free like me, you’ll have a much smaller menu to choose from, but they do a great job making it clear which flavors are gluten-free. Next time we go, there will definitely be a milkshake on the menu.

I went with a “beer and ice cream flight”. That meant my husband and I could get a bit of drinking on and some ice cream on. The owners are incredibly friendly and helpful. They use local and from scratch ingredients where possible, and have reasonable prices (especially given the quality of ingredients and the unique flavors). They keep it simple at $2, $4, $6 depending on the scoops you want. Coffee is also on the menu for an affogato.

Here’s what we tried:

Brown Sugar Vanilla – You’ll taste the cream, with some sugar (not a ton)…it’s nice, a little chunky in texture. My husband loved it, and I enjoyed it. It isn’t super sweet, and all the flavors cut through well.

Eggnog – This is an excellent take on eggnog flavor, and the consistency of the ice cream was quite good.

Just Chocolate – This is an excellent, creamy, fresh, lighter take on chocolate. This makes at least my top five for lighter chocolate ice creams! Really great.

Mixed Berry Sorbet – This was excellent! It’s tart and full of fruity sweetness. It tastes like a sorbet (you won’t be fooled into thinking there’s dairy here) but WOW is it delicious, and perfect to pair with a drink.

Tea and Biscuits – Wow, this was fabulous! This is some of the best earl grey tea flavor my husband has ever had in ice cream. He got great consistency in the bite he had, with the biscuits at the perfect consistency (soft and flavorful). They didn’t take away from the base, but they added texture, almost like cookies and cream ice cream. (Not gluten-free, of course.)

Sugar Cookie – My husband tried this one too – the cookies were very prominent, he enjoyed it.

Bailey’s Irish Cream – This is 21+ of course. It’s delightful! Creamy and sweet, perfect if you like the taste of Bailey’s. I found it super smooth and consistent, which is especially astonishing given how difficult it is to make a consistent ice cream when there’s alcohol involved! It’s very possibly the best alcoholic ice cream I’ve ever had. So appropriate given the setting! Note that this ice cream costs an extra $1.


Irish Stout – My husband enjoyed the stout on tap in our flight.

Prosecco – This was also in our flight. It’s good with that mixed berry sorbet!

Cider – They had one cider as well, and that was great too.

Overall the flavors were extremely consistent, generally very creamy and smooth, and boy was that Bailey’s ice cream incredible! The Bailey’s and the Just Chocolate also make a perfect pairing, so I’d highly recommend that.

Thanks so much, Pints! Hopefully you’ll get to fully reopen soon (with a bar), but in the meantime, you’ve got some incredible ice cream for everyone to enjoy!

My photos are missing, but I borrowed this cute picture from their Facebook page.

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