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Frankie and Jo’s, Seattle, WA

Frankie & Jo’s holds the rare distinction of being a place that I had on my bucket list for several years before I got to Seattle! Because a friend of mine (thank you, Dan!) has been raving about it for years, I knew it was an absolute must visit when I made it to the city.

I’m happy to say that it didn’t disappoint. I visited both locations (one right on the water!), and it was a major highlight of my trip to Seattle. Before I review it, you should know that the entire menu is both plant-based (vegan) and gluten-free. Ice creams use a base of cashew milk and/or coconut milk, and they keep the ingredients simple, avoiding preservatives and using a wide variety of innovative ingredients and flavors.

Here’s what I got:

Captain Whidbey Caramel Cookie Crunch- This was super fun. I loved the balance of the alcohol’s punch with the rest of the flavors. They described it as “A rich and decadent caramel ice cream base with chewy, salty, chocolatey, crunchy potato chip cookie bites and a gooey caramel swirl.” Seems pretty accurate to me!

Berries and Fermented Cream – “Berries & Fermented Cream: A one part vegan creme fraiche ice cream made from our own fermented cashew milk plus one part triple organic Washington berry coconut milk ice cream swirled with our house-made berry jam & almond flour lemon cake pieces.”  This is really enjoyable! I’m definitely a fan. Any time someone makes gluten-free cake and throws it into an ice cream, I’m going to be on board with it.

Chocolate Tahini Supercookie – Oh my goodness! The base is an amazing chocolate, one of the best that I’ve had, so rich, creamy and indulgent. It might make my top three, and definitely top four, for a best chocolate ice cream!

Gingered Golden Milk – While my husband found the coconut to be a bit too much, for it added the perfectly balanced flavor against the ginger and the major turmeric kick at the end.

Mint Cookie – This is delicious chocolate chewy cookies in a minty base. It’s so yummy, and everything I’d hoped for!

California Cabin – These cookies are amazing and have a big kick when combined with the smoked vanilla and pine flavors. It’s a thick base. It’s super fun and comforting like Christmas or cookie doughh.

After trying just about everything (!) I had my choices in a maple vanilla gluten-free cone that tasted like a cookie, so tasty and with great spices, and perfectly cooked.

On my second visit, here’s what I tried:

Brown Sugar Vanilla – The coconut flavor of the base goes well here, but it’s very prominent, so don’t get it unless you love coconut.

Chocolate Date – This is a really strong chocolate flavor, and the date is almost more of an aftertaste, on the second beat. Its super creamy and yummy.

Tomato Melon Mint – I enjoyed the first bite, but after that it was just too much for me. Honestly, the idea of cold tomato almost made me ill. Just not my thing, but others in my party liked it.

This time, I got a waffle cone with chocolate tahini super cookie and mint cookie – so delightful!

The prices here are reasonable for a city. I did three flavors in a waffle cone and then two flavors in a waffle cone and thought the portions were good.

Frankie & Jo’s is a must-do if a) you’re vegan, b) you’re gluten-free or c) you love interesting flavors of ice cream. If you like plain vanilla and chocolate from cow’s milk, this probably isn’t your shop. But for me it was an absolute winner.

And the best news? Even though COVID-19 means you’ll have to watch their website for local availability, you can also pay for shipping to have it sent across the country! I just might have to do that. 🙂

Thank you SO much, Frankie and Jo’s! I will absolutely be back and I’m so, so thankful that you do what you do.

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