Winegar’s Coffee & Creamery, Ellensburg, WA

Winegar's, Ellensburg, WA I In Search of a Scoop

This past summer, I had plans to travel across the state of Washington and back, so finding homemade ice cream to break up the trip was essential. Winegar’s Coffee & Creamery is an unassuming cafe – a pleasant, intimate joint catering to college students in Ellensburg, Washington. It’s cute, serves a great cup of coffee and borders a little specialty grocery store with some fun products. They’ve been serving super premium ice cream since 1956!

Winegar's, Ellensburg, WA I In Search of a Scoop

They have two locations in town, and I visited one. They make it easy to have allergies here – the top allergens are clearly labeled by each flavor.

Here’s what we tried over two visits:

Winegar's, Ellensburg, WA I In Search of a Scoop

Rocky Rodeo – This is a light chocolate, with almost a soft serve consistency, marshmallows and a marshmallows swirl and little almond pieces. It’s super tasty and satisfying, with a not too sweet base so the mixins pop! Great if you like marshmallows!

Kevinlicious – This is an amaretto base with cherry and chocolate chip chunks. Bright and fun!

Riegel Royal – This is a very light and smooth chocolate base with a peanut butter swirl. The latter is what steals the show. Tasty, but I’d prefer more of a chocolate flavor here.

Taneum Meadows Blueberry Cheesecake – Thank goodness this flavor doesn’t add gluten! It’s quite creamy and the cheesiest of the cheesecake ice creams I have had. So satisfying!!! I believe I had some in Roswell that was even creamier, but this is an absolute must try, especially if you’re gluten-free.

Winegar's, Ellensburg, WA I In Search of a Scoop

Ryland’s Pina Colada – Start with a smooth, rich and creamy pineapple base and add pineapple and coconut. Yum! It’s fruity and perfect for summer.

Gary Dough – Wait for it – this is a maple base with cookie dough chunks. It’s so creamy that it’s like a cream cheese texture. It’s really tasty, and less sweet than I would have anticipated. Really pleasant and almost savory! But with those sweet chunks of cookie dough. Wow.

This ice cream place is amazing! They keep the bases super creamy like cream cheese and not really smart. The chunks add the sweetness. It’s awesome! They’re super friendly and let me try it all, for real.

Portions are great, with $5.49 for two large scoops and $2.99 for a scoop. They’ve also got tempting sundae treats, shakes and coffee drinks.

I don’t think I can recommend then more highly! It’s a perfect example of bases done well, or the strength in avoiding over-sweetening your ice cream, it satisfies cheesecake cravings and the staff couldn’t be nicer. It’s definitely in my top ten of spots across the U.S. If it doesn’t make top five, it’s at least a contender!

It’s an easy jaunt off the highway in your travels. Don’t miss Winegar’s next time you’re nearby – heck, I’d even travel just for a visit. (And yes, they’re open right now!)

Take care, and happy eating!

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