Bite Me Cupcake Co., Pueblo, CO

First off, a reminder that while I try to stick to homemade ice cream places, I will occasionally visit places who don’t make their own ice cream. Bite Me Cupcake Co. struck me as really fun from the reviews, and with a downtown Pueblo location, I was eager to check it out. I found documentation that they carry Blue Mountain Creamery’s super premium (Forbes Top 10) and Glacier Premium Ice Cream in different places. You may want to call to confirm, if that matters to you.

Bite Me Cupcake Co., Pueblo, CO | In Search of a Scoop

Here are the flavors I tried:

Bite Me Cupcake Co., Pueblo, CO | In Search of a Scoop

Chocolate Expresso Buzz – This has a tasty lighter chocolate and espresso base, with chunks of bittersweet chocolate. It’s a great combination!

Chai-Yai – Wow, this is super smooth, a perfect sweet and creamy chai blend. It’s refreshing, I love this. A real winner. Best chai ever perhaps?

Monkey Bread – This has big chunks of monkey bread. My dining partner really enjoyed it! I was jealous.

Funky Donkey – Gotta love the name! This has Oreo cookies crushed, creamy fudge nice and thick and a dark, peanut butter base. It’s delicious!

Bite Me Cupcake Co., Pueblo, CO | In Search of a Scoop

Black Cow – This has a fizzy root beer base with swirls of homemade fudge. It’s super fun and delicious if you love root beer!

Toffee Bar Crunch – The light vanilla base is milky, not too heavy, and tasty. It also has a light caramel swirl, chunks of chocolate and toffee. It has a very smooth texture.

Almond Joy – This is very, very good, though personally whole almonds aren’t my fave. But I still loved it!

They carry about a dozen flavors, and most of them are a little unusual.

Bite Me Cupcake Co., Pueblo, CO | In Search of a Scoop

These are excellent portions for a city at 3.85 for a double scoop with two flavors before tax.

FYI that they are mainly a bakery, with a funky vibe and treats that look amazing. The owner/manager seems really considerate and nice, and there is free WiFi with places to plug in if needed.

Bite Me Cupcake Co., Pueblo, CO | In Search of a ScoopBite Me Cupcake Co., Pueblo, CO | In Search of a Scoop

I look forward to returning the next time I’m in Pueblo. Let me know if you’ve tried it!


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