Salt and Straw, Los Angeles, CA

Salt and Straw, originally from Portland, is legendary for high-quality ice cream and unusual flavors. They’ve been on my radar for some time, including with the opening of a location at Disneyland, but until recently I’d never gotten to experience the magic for myself. Salt and Straw, Los Angeles, CA | In Search of a Scoop

On a recent visit to Los Angeles, I was happy to be able to see (and taste) what everyone had been talking about.

I came here with a friend, which meant I could try her flavor in addition to my own. I tried several flavors and then settled on a tasting flight for $11.75, four kid-sized flavors served in a cute dish. That price felt reasonable to me for the ability to comfortably taste for flavors and because we were in a big city…plus, it’s clear at a place like this that you’re enjoying high-quality ingredients. Here’s what I had:Salt and Straw, Los Angeles, CA | In Search of a Scoop

Avocado and Oaxaca Chocolate Fudge – This isn’t a super sweet flavor, but the chunks of fudge are sweet and also a little salty. It’s nice, kind of like a grownup version of some of the ice cream I had as a kid with fudge throughout it. The avocado is more subtle (as I would expect) but it also had some avocado chunks in there, and it was a nice pairing with the chocolate.

Freckles Woodblock Chocolate – Wow! This is almost like a salty sweet hot chocolate. It’s very fun! Salt and Straw, Los Angeles, CA | In Search of a Scoop

Almond Brittle with Salted Ganache – This Brittle is delicious, and it’s a very creamy base that’s satisfying with the mix-ins. But be forewarned – this chocolate ganache is definitely not sweet.

Honey Lavender – This is a sweet and strong lavendar. I found it really satisfying even if the honey isn’t as prominent as it could be.

Salt and Straw, Los Angeles, CA | In Search of a ScoopBlack Olive Brittle and Goat Cheese – Wow!!!! We have a winner! The goat cheese is super strong, and the olive is tasty and crunchy. It’s unusual and super fun if you like these salty foods. I left feeling it was one of my favorite combinations I’ve ever had. Since then I’ve decided that I’d be willing to give up other ice cream if I could eat this every day…no joke! So maybe the best flavor/ice cream I’ve ever had!

The ice cream bases here are definitely creamy and milky and yet have almost no sweetness to them. So you taste flavors, but the bases aren’t as prominent as I’d like. Overall, I found the experience fun but besides the last flavor, there wasn’t anything I’d crave or need to come back for.

Thanks, Salt and Straw! I’m sure I will be back someday for that olive and goat cheese amazingness! And thank you all for reading. Happy eating!


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