Sacred Grounds, Ruidoso, New Mexico

Sacred Grounds has some pretty delicious gelato and sorbet. Located in Ruidoso, a really cute tourist town in the mountains, it’s a large, beautiful cafe. Unfortunately, I almost left without trying their gelato! Here’s the full scoop on why.

Sacred Grounds, Ruidoso, NM | In Search of a ScoopWhen I arrived at Sacred Grounds, it was a very busy place. I knew I probably wouldn’t be able to try much, and I was okay with that. But what I didn’t expect was to be dealing with a pretty clueless staff member behind the counter.

Sacred Grounds, Ruidoso, NM | In Search of a ScoopWhen I asked him if he knew which flavors were gluten-free, he seemed a little bit confused. I started to explain what it was and how typically, I can eat any gelato unless it has things like cookies, brownies or graham crackers in it.  He was extremely insistent that unfortunately, I actually couldn’t eat any of their gelato flavors. As he talked through why, explaining the process of how it’s made, I just couldn’t seem to get through to him that gluten doesn’t have anything to do with milk or a milk allergy. And he was very insistent that he understood me.

Sacred Grounds, Ruidoso, NM | In Search of a ScoopThankfully, I decided to try one more time, since I was there, and this time a woman helped me who, while not clear on what gluten was, actually listened to my explanation and saw that I should be able to eat almost all of the flavors. She told me that, as I suspected, only the key lime should have gluten in it. Thankfully, she was right!

Here’s what I had:

Sacred Grounds, Ruidoso, NM | In Search of a ScoopPink Lemonade – This is a super tart flavor, and it’s pretty creamy too. I’d say it lies somewhere between a sorbet and ice cream. It’s really fun, with a super creamy texture.

Coconut Basil – This is sweet and truly delicious if you love coconut! Coconut and basil are the perfect combination here. It’s excellent gelato, and super creamy. More coconut than basil.

Cinnamon Pecan – Wow! This is a creamy base with lots of cinnamon and then tiny pieces of pecan scattered throughout it. The employee serving me said it reminds her of coffee cake, and I totally get that. It’s sort of an atmospheric cinnamon spice base and then the pecan grounds it even more. Yummy! It was my favorite.

I paid $5.50 for a pretty huge portion of gelato. I felt the prices were extremely reasonable, especially in a touristy area like this.

I’m happy to recommend the gelato, but if you have any food allergies, my best recommendation would be to call first and speak with an owner about what you’ll be able to have. Better safe than sorry!


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