Month: April 2018

Walrus Ice Cream in Fort Collins

My latest ice cream adventure was in Fort Collins, and it’s an adorable location worth visiting. Not only do I have a local ice cream option in Fort Collins, but there is gelato and frozen custard as well, and with Boulder and Denver nearby, I have lots of local ice cream options to try within an hour or two of here. I’m glad I’ve got all summer to check it all out. 

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The Ice Cream Vice, or Vice Is Nice

As you probably know, I focus my blogging on local, homemade ice cream places, but when I was offered the opportunity to sample Vice Ice Cream, I couldn’t resist. Vice Ice Cream markets themselves as “the unapologetically indulgent ice cream brand that has gained a cult-following for its decadent, playful flavors such as Breakfast in Bed, Toffee Wife and Afternoon Delight”. 

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