Richardson’s – Not That One

When I first put Richardson’s on my list, I assumed it was the Richardson’s. The dairy based in Massachusetts that was served at ice cream stands around New England. But when I dug deeper in anticipation of our visit, I found out it WASN’T related to that Richardson’s at all! Somehow I’d missed this independent ice cream maker, even though I’ve lived within an hour of it for a very long time. They’re based in Boscawen, NH, which borders Concord.

Richardson’s is on a farm, and they sell their own fruits and vegetables, as well as local products, year-round, including their own pies, crisps and pastries . They are really in the middle of nowhere, but it’s a great place to grab your local eggs, produce and more as well as your ice cream, so it’s well-worth a trip.

Do check their hours – they’re definitely a bit unusual given the variety of products they sell, and it varies at different times of year. (You may want to call ahead to confirm.) Also, it’s a cash only business, so come prepared for that too.

In terms of seating, you’ve got a few tables and some chairs on the porch, which is nice although my husband was craving more options in the rain. I’m happy to eat ice cream anywhere though so it worked for me, and they had some comfy chairs with a nice view.

I think the one thing I really didn’t like about Richardson’s was that they wouldn’t allow me to order more than two flavors – even if I got a large. So while I sampled a lot, I had to settle on two. Portions are on the smaller side but worth it for the quality! It was $10.37 for two larges, one of them in a waffle cone, with tax.

Here’s the full report. We tried a lot of flavors!

Strawberry Rhubarb – It’s a very smooth ice cream. Unfortunately the rhubarb isn’t very distinct. I’d personally prefer to have chunks, or maybe just rhubarb ice cream solo. But if you love normal strawberry ice cream, this is a step up! (Strawberry just is not my personal preference.)

Blueberry Pie – This is absolutely amazing. Full of blueberries and not overly sweet at all. The pieces of pie crusts are fantastic!

Key Lime Pie – Wow. This flavor is perfect! It’s just like Key Lime Pie, for real. It has a great consistency and crust. And I grew up with an amazing homemade key lime pie made with juice from Florida, so I have high standards here! It’s creamy with a sourness like lemon meringue pie.

Catherine’s Passion – This ice cream has a slow release. It’s chocolate, with cinnamon and cayenne pepper. It tastes like chocolate at first  but then it’s followed by more heat and spice. It was a bit icy on top but I didn’t taste the ice thankfully. A lot of fun and flavor here.

Butter Rum Toffee – This has a butterscotch-esque sweetness and a nice rum flavor. It’s buttery, but sweeter than I expected it to be. The toffee inside is absolutely delicious!

Chocolate Peppermint Stick – What a great idea! This is chocolate ice cream with red and green peppermint pieces. I love peppermint stick and always add hot fudge – this is the best of both worlds! An awesome take on a classic.

And finally, the homemade waffle cone is very good and very sweet.

Richardson’s is truly worth a trip. At this point, it’s one of my top three contenders for best ice cream in New Hampshire! They include a variety of special flavors, offer seasonal sundaes like rhubarb and the consistency and flavor combinations are on point. I couldn’t more highly recommend a visit if you’re in southern New Hampshire. Enjoy and let me know what you think!

p.s. Thanks for doing your usual Amazon shopping using my affiliate link!

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