The News from Moo’s

Well, it’s not the catchiest blog title, but it’s the best I could do today. Moo’s Place in Derry is a local hub for homemade super premium ice cream. According to their website, they’re open April Fools Day through October – but that would be a cruel joke if they weren’t actually open April Fools Day, wouldn’t it?

In any case, this is an ice cream place that I can honestly say I’ve been visiting since they opened in 2004, and it was very needed in the area as the only local options were not homemade. Not bad, of course – Richardson’s ice cream, sold by Mack’s Apples in Londonderry, is very good – but there’s something wonderful about supporting a place that makes ice cream on the premises.

In addition to being a tasty hard ice cream option – not my favorite, but it’s quite good and is the best option in the area for super premium ice cream – they also make homemade slushes, and some of their frozen yogurt flavors are worth a try as well, although they are hit or miss. Their soft serve is of the same 40 flavors variety you’ll find elsewhere – unless you get vanilla or chocolate, they just mix in the flavoring, so I definitely don’t recommend bothering with soft serve here – but they have plenty of delicious hard ice cream flavors to keep you busy for a while, and they regularly have fabulous specials like ginger, pumpkin and some delightfully rich chocolate options.

I know that ice cream tasters try not to take the location into account, but I do think one of the best things going for Moo’s is the experience. During the summer there will be many long lines of people waiting to grab a cone or a cup and grab a seat under a shaded table, and there is plenty of parking if you don’t live within walking distance of downtown Derry. On the unbearably humid and hot days, or on those April or October days where it’s too cold to eat ice cream outside, you might want to head to their indoor seating area, where they also have ice cream cakes for sale. You’ll find a few adorable cow murals by a local artist that really liven up the classic ice cream parlor feel.  moosmural_large

As proof that I’ve been eating at Moo’s since 2004, here’s a photo of me with a visiting friend from Israel, Inbal, and my father and brothers, long before they added murals. (You’ll notice that Robbie, one of my brothers, is wearing a shirt of a different ice cream parlor – the Cow Palace was a favorite while I worked at a camp in Pennsylvania, and I brought back the t-shirt for Robbie.) Feinbergs with Inbal at Ice Cream

Have you tried Moo’s? Any favorite flavors to report? I think their black raspberry chip yogurt is especially nice, but I tend to try lots of new things here, especially the specials.

Before I wrap up, just a comment that you may have noticed the Amazon logo on the right hand side of this blog. I’ve added this for those looking for a way to support me and help me cover the costs of maintaining this blog. If you like what you read, at no additional cost to you, please click on the link and do your Amazon shopping. I receive a small portion of the purchase as long as you make it within 24 hours of clicking. Thanks in advance for keeping me in mind when it’s time to do your Amazon shopping.

Looking forward to hearing some of your thoughts on Moo’s!

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