Pink Mama’s, South Carolina

Pink Mama’s has a few locations in Greenville and Traveler’s Rest, South Carolina. I visited the latter.

Although most of the flavors they carry are made by Hershey’s or Blue Bell, they also carry several flavors of their own, homemade ice cream.

I made a stop and really enjoyed their small but cute shop. During the warmer months, there’s ample outdoor seating, or you can grab a cone and walk along the main road in Traveler’s Rest. (I highly recommend grabbing a savory crepe at Tandem for lunch first!)Ice cream at Pink Mama’s, Traveler’s Rest, SC | In Search of a Scoop

It’s a charming place.

I was a bit disappointed to see that of their four homemade flavors, only a couple of them appeared to be gluten-free. Their pecan pie cheesecake ice cream sounded amazing, but my gluten-eating husband was too stuffed from lunch to try it.

The prices for the homemade ice cream were on the higher side, but I didn’t mind, because the flavor was strong. Here’s the flavor I went with: Ice cream at Pink Mama’s, Traveler’s Rest, SC | In Search of a Scoop

Ice cream doesn’t get much cuter!

Lavender White Chocolate – The lavender flavor is prominent and not too sweet. The white chocolate is subtle, and I could use more. I felt I was almost sensing it more than tasting it. It had a pretty good, fairly creamy texture.

I’m an absolute sucker for lavender, as I’ve mentioned, so I really enjoyed this. I hope Pink Mama’s will keep refining their recipes and expanding their offerings. I look forward to trying other flavors when I’m back in the area.

If you enjoyed this, you might also enjoy reading about how much ice cream I was able to fit into a week in New Hampshire.

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Two Roosters In Raleigh

I recently visited Two Roosters in Raleigh. Located in a strip mall, they’ve got a cute location and a fondness for quirky flavors.

Two Roosters, Raleigh, NC | In Search of a ScoopAt $5 for a single, I was pleasantly surprised by my two, large scoops, so expect ample portions here, even if it’s on the pricier side.

This is a small and cute location, and they patiently let us try tons of flavors. Their simple and charming menu offers a mix of regular flavors and “guests” that rotate out.

Here’s what we sampled:

Two Roosters, Raleigh, NC | In Search of a ScoopChristmas Tree – This is pine flavor ice cream with pine nuts. Wow wow wow!!!! It’s such a fun flavor, goes down easy and it’s pretty creamy. I love it!!! Even if the consistency isn’t in my top five, the flavor makes this one of the best I’ve had!

Classic Chocolate – This is super smooth, a bit more fudge than creamy, definitely classic chocolate verging on the lighter side. It’s very good, approaching excellent. Especially good if you enjoy a fudgier flavor.

Spiked Eggnog – This tastes just like eggnog with whiskey. They couldn’t confirm if it was gluten free, unfortunately, so I didn’t get a scoop. Thankfully the eggnog at Fresh was gluten-free so I got my fix.

Whiskey Gingerbread and Molasses – It’s good. A very gingerbread flavor, with a good texture, according to Ross.

Butterscotch Haystack – This is a sweet cream base with lo mein noodles covered in butterscotch. What a concept! Ross enjoyed it, but he wanted more butterscotch or more haystack.

Roasted Strawberry and Honey – Honestly, this just tasted like strawberry ice cream. Good, if that’s what you’re craving!

Slingshot Coffee Bourbon – Somewhere between a light and creamy Brigham’s style and a darker coffee is where this lives…almost like a coffee latte. It’s very, very good and might make top five. We didn’t get the bourbon flavor at all though, so don’t go in just for that!

Two Roosters is a really fun place, with unique flavors for the adventurous foodie. If you missed it, I also visited Fresh and Treat in Raleigh. And if you enjoyed this, you might also like A Sweet Treat at Sweet Cow.

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Two Roosters, Raleigh, NC | In Search of a Scoop

How cute is this ice cream shop?