Seafood, Soft Serve and Slick’s

Meadow Ice Cream Restaurant in Littleton, NH doesn’t make their own ice cream, but I’ve always had great experiences there, so I had to share a quick post.

Sometimes, you’re in the mood for ice cream, and you go to an ice cream place. And in Littleton, Bishop’s is a solid option. Other times, you’re specifically in the mood for Slick’s ice cream, of Woodsville. But if you’re in Littleton and you don’t have the time to drive to Woodsville and back, you’ve got another option. Likewise, if you’re craving some fried seafood or a burger…and that would be Meadow Ice Cream.

This restaurant is rather unobtrusive. When I first moved to the North Country, they weren’t open, so I didn’t know what the scoop was. Turns out they are seasonal, open April-ish to October I believe. When I finally got around to trying their food, I was impressed.

I’ve gotten fried seafood here – clams are always a favorite of mine – and it’s been delicious. But I confess that what really drew me in was the sign, which often says “maple soft serve”. Yup. I had my first maple soft serve here, and it’s really fantastic. Full of flavor and creamy and perfect.

Since then, I found out about their hard ice cream, which is Slick’s. They’ve got indoor and outdoor seating too, which is definitely a step up from a food stand.

My husband and have been a few times, but we went this summer so that I could review it for you. We stuck to Slick’s ice cream this time around. It’s very affordable at $3.50 each for a medium with tax. Here’s what we got.

Strawberry Cheesecake – This is so good! Glorious crust chunks, etc. Read my full review on Slick’s here. I think this might be the best cheesecake ice cream in New Hampshire!

Cookies and Cream – Unfortunately, this one isn’t my favorite. The base is just really bland – it isn’t a distinct vanilla or anything. Personally, I want my cookies and cream base to taste like the cream in Oreos or maybe be a nice vanilla. Unfortunately while the cookies were great, the base just didn’t do it for me.

White Mountain Raspberry – This is vanilla with raspberry swirl and white chocolate chips. It’s nice, although the raspberry isn’t the best I’ve had.

Coconut Raspberry Swirl – The coconut is really fun in this!

So if you’re craving Slick’s or Seafood or maple soft serve, consider stopping by! I’ve found they always close earlier than I expect so you might want to call ahead.

Thanks for reading!

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Northland Dairy Bar

As you know, I like to report on homemade ice cream places. Northland Dairy Bar, in Berlin, NH, does not serve their own ice cream. But, they serve some fabulous flavors (tons to choose from, actually), some great American cuisine, and perhaps most importantly for me, raspberry pie.

Raspberry pie is seasonal. They’ll also do other flavors, when they’re in season. But trust me, this raspberry pie is special. So special I’ve driven over an hour for a taste. Many times.

Ross, my husband, and I knew we had to make sure we got raspberry pie this season. With our work schedules, a trip to Berlin is very out of the way – more than two hours in total of driving just for some of that pie. But it was that important to us.

And no, we didn’t get ice cream on this trip, so if you’d rather not continue reading, I do understand.

Northland Dairy Bar carries a variety of diner-esque food, from burgers to fried seafood to sandwiches and soups. Not anything exceptional, but it’s reliably tasty and affordable food. They also have some mixed drinks that sound amazing that I hope to try soon.

Ross and I knew we were getting raspberry pie. They sell two kinds – one without a pie top, and one with. You don’t want the pie crust on top. You want a little pie crust at the bottom, covered in the freshest raspberries, and perhaps some whipped cream if you feel fancy. Trust me. It’s worth the $6.99 or whatever they’re charging.

But we were hungry, and as much as we knew ice cream for dinner was the cheapest option, we felt like relaxing a bit in the air-conditioned restaurant, so we settled on a meal of cheap, real food before dessert. I went with a veggie burger (they’re very tasty) and Ross went with a reuben, I believe. We both shared a gargantuan plate of very good fries.

We had called ahead to make sure they could set aside a couple of slices of pie for us – there was no way we were driving this far only to have them run out, and they do sell out regularly.

Here’s what we made the trip for.

It’s everything you want it to be and imagine it to be. It’s so, so good. Eat it and be happy. That is all.

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Richardson’s – Not That One

When I first put Richardson’s on my list, I assumed it was the Richardson’s. The dairy based in Massachusetts that was served at ice cream stands around New England. But when I dug deeper in anticipation of our visit, I found out it WASN’T related to that Richardson’s at all! Somehow I’d missed this independent ice cream maker, even though I’ve lived within an hour of it for a very long time. They’re based in Boscawen, NH, which borders Concord.

Richardson’s is on a farm, and they sell their own fruits and vegetables, as well as local products, year-round, including their own pies, crisps and pastries . They are really in the middle of nowhere, but it’s a great place to grab your local eggs, produce and more as well as your ice cream, so it’s well-worth a trip.

Do check their hours – they’re definitely a bit unusual given the variety of products they sell, and it varies at different times of year. (You may want to call ahead to confirm.) Also, it’s a cash only business, so come prepared for that too.

In terms of seating, you’ve got a few tables and some chairs on the porch, which is nice although my husband was craving more options in the rain. I’m happy to eat ice cream anywhere though so it worked for me, and they had some comfy chairs with a nice view.

I think the one thing I really didn’t like about Richardson’s was that they wouldn’t allow me to order more than two flavors – even if I got a large. So while I sampled a lot, I had to settle on two. Portions are on the smaller side but worth it for the quality! It was $10.37 for two larges, one of them in a waffle cone, with tax.

Here’s the full report. We tried a lot of flavors!

Strawberry Rhubarb – It’s a very smooth ice cream. Unfortunately the rhubarb isn’t very distinct. I’d personally prefer to have chunks, or maybe just rhubarb ice cream solo. But if you love normal strawberry ice cream, this is a step up! (Strawberry just is not my personal preference.)

Blueberry Pie – This is absolutely amazing. Full of blueberries and not overly sweet at all. The pieces of pie crusts are fantastic!

Key Lime Pie – Wow. This flavor is perfect! It’s just like Key Lime Pie, for real. It has a great consistency and crust. And I grew up with an amazing homemade key lime pie made with juice from Florida, so I have high standards here! It’s creamy with a sourness like lemon meringue pie.

Catherine’s Passion – This ice cream has a slow release. It’s chocolate, with cinnamon and cayenne pepper. It tastes like chocolate at first  but then it’s followed by more heat and spice. It was a bit icy on top but I didn’t taste the ice thankfully. A lot of fun and flavor here.

Butter Rum Toffee – This has a butterscotch-esque sweetness and a nice rum flavor. It’s buttery, but sweeter than I expected it to be. The toffee inside is absolutely delicious!

Chocolate Peppermint Stick – What a great idea! This is chocolate ice cream with red and green peppermint pieces. I love peppermint stick and always add hot fudge – this is the best of both worlds! An awesome take on a classic.

And finally, the homemade waffle cone is very good and very sweet.

Richardson’s is truly worth a trip. At this point, it’s one of my top three contenders for best ice cream in New Hampshire! They include a variety of special flavors, offer seasonal sundaes like rhubarb and the consistency and flavor combinations are on point. I couldn’t more highly recommend a visit if you’re in southern New Hampshire. Enjoy and let me know what you think!

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Sweet Scoops and Slopes in Lincoln, NH


I’m working in Lincoln, New Hampshire, this summer, so I’d be slacking if I didn’t try out all of their ice cream offerings.

The main game in town is White Mountain Creamery. Their delicious homemade ice cream is served up at two locations – one indoor parlor in Lincoln called Udderly Delicious, and one outdoor stand in North Woodstock called Coneheads.

One word of warning? They advertise 24 flavors of soft serve. Those are basically never homemade (the flavors are out of a package) so stick to their homemade stuff if you want the good stuff.

I visited both locations – of course and can report they’re both worth a visit, depending on what’s more convenient. North Woodstock has parking behind the building if it’s too busy on the street – and you can walk to the river which is really pretty.

Here’s what my husband and I had at Coneheads, with a report of course!

Black Raspberry Chip – Ross, my husband, loves this. It’s nice and smooth, although it’s a bit milder of a flavor than I’d prefer.

Caramel Cup – It’s a caramel ice cream, with caramel swirl and chocolate caramel truffles. The caramel base is great, and this is pretty luscious with awesome truffles. I really enjoyed it.

Coffee Cookie Dough – This coffee flavor is my favorite! But unfortunately she gave me coffee oreo…delightful but not as unusual as what I asked for. 🙂

Chocolate chip cheesecake – This is really fun. It’s a great flavor, though not the best cheesecake I’ve had – that distinction goes to Slick’s. The chocolate chips are small and tasty, not super rich but sufficient. Creamy and not too thick!

Chocolate – It’s rich, dark and not too sweet. Super good!

Prices are very reasonable – $4.25 if you stick to a reasonable 2 scoops.

Next I visited Udderly Delicious in Lincoln. I got three scoops (couldn’t resist!), and Ross got one repeat (I’d gotten it last time) – the chocolate chip cheesecake.

Ginger Snap – Ginger ice cream – so delightful!!! It is very strong with tasty chunks of cookie, which is pretty soft and chewy. The base is smooth and creamy.

Banana Oreo – This base is super fun, not too sweet. It reminds me of banana bread. The big chunks of oreo are a very nice compliment to it too. lf you like banana, check this out.

Coffee Cookie Dough – The base is light and full of flavor, just like the coffee oreo – this type of coffee always reminds me of Brigham’s. And the cookie dough pieces are a fun treat.

With tax, for 3 scoops and one scoop, I paid $10.30 or so. Probably the same at both locations I believe.

(I was clearly so eager that I forgot to take a photo at the start!)

You’ve also got another ice cream option in Lincoln, and from the street passing by, you wouldn’t necessarily know which one had homemade and which one got their ice cream elsewhere.

As far as I know, Ice Cream Delights doesn’t make their own ice cream, but without any idea that there was any homemade ice cream in Lincoln when I first visited, I stopped here and was astonished by how affordable it was. I’m not sure whose ice cream they carry – let me know if you know!

During my most recent visit, here’s what I got.

Blueberry Cheesecake Yogurt – I’m a sucker for a good yogurt, particularly for dinner. I know I tried this one a while back and I had to review it. It was a tad icy this time, so it must not be very popular, but it’s wonderfully creamy, not too sweet and the cheesecake is very good – rather astonishing for a yogurt! I will probably get this any time I go here (though realistically, I’d always choose the homemade options first) because this yogurt is so good!

Cappucchino Crunch – This is a coffee base with chocolate swirl and toffee bits. The base is excellent, the toffee is delicious and the chocolate swirl reminds me of moose tracks ice cream. Fantastic!!!

This place isn’t homemade, as far as I know. But it’s super cheap – $3.76 for a medium which seems large to me. I also love that they serve it in big bowls, like Slick’s, so you can reach all of the flavors at once. So although the flavors probably won’t be as consistent as White Mountain Creamery, so far I’ve had excellent luck here!

Whenever you’re in Lincoln, whether it’s to ski or hike or see a show, you’ve got lots of options. Enjoy and thanks for stopping by!

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Tasty Treats in Twin Mountain

If you’re looking for a descriptive post of another place for homemade ice cream, this isn’t it. But I couldn’t resist a quick mention of 302 Grill in Twin Mountain, because my husband and I are working for them this summer!

Twin Mountain is a little village in the town of Carroll. Not much to it, and almost nowhere to grab a bite to eat. During the summer, Tarry Ho Campground opened 302 Grill to fill that void, and it really does, serving up delicious burgers, steak and cheese sandwiches and of course ice cream!

The flavors are limited, but they’re serving Blake’s, so it’s always pretty reliable for a delightful scoop. If you’re in the neighborhood, stop by! It’s near the intersection of Route 302 and Route 3.

They won’t be open much longer, and their hours are limited, so call ahead if you’re making it a destination. (And if they’re closed, you can drive a town or two away for other ice cream options.)

Thanks for reading!

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A Hidden Gem in Henniker


Intervale Farm Pancake House in Henniker, NH is a great stop for pancakes. But did you know that for the last ten years, they’ve been scooping outdoors as Intervale Ice Cream?

I didn’t. In fact, I was on my way to get ice cream elsewhere when I drove by. Realizing I don’t have much reason to be in Henniker nowadays (though I worked there for six years), I decided to turn myself around and find out if they made their own ice cream.

Well, their Facebook page looked promising, so after confirming with their staff that they make their own, I went to work ordering.

As usual, I had to try a couple of flavors. I spent a reasonable $3.40 with tax. Here’s what I found:

Mint Oreo – Their mint is fabulous, natural and fresh with gargantuan bites of Oreo! The ice cream is a little dense/thick for my taste but every bite of it is amazing. I did find one ice chunk but maybe that was from storing?

Brownie batter – This is a realistic, dark and not super sweet chocolate batter base with brownie chunks. It’s delicious and a killer combo. My only complaint is that the Brownies were a little too chewy for my taste. They broke my spoon!

If you’re in the Henniker area, this is really a can’t miss. Otherwise, would I return? Absolutely. Since the texture was a bit too thick for me, I wouldn’t drive far out of my way. But I am sure I will stop by whenever I am in town.

As their Facebook page shows, they do really creative flavors too. For example, Panther Tracks has chocolate ice cream, brownie chunks, raspberry chocolate cups, chocolate chocolate chip cookie chunks and marshmallow swirl. Is that even legal?

Thanks for reading! Where have you been getting your ice cream fix this season?

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Bishop’s is a Littleton, NH institution. I first discovered it while I was working at the Weathervane Theatre in Whitefield, NH in 2007. Bishop’s makes seasonal, homemade ice cream (although the Littleton Food Co-op carries some flavors year-round) and has been owned by the same couple since its founding, as far as I know. They also sell charming t-shirts and hats!

Although I’ve know they have great ice cream for a long time, I avoided them for a long time when I was generally just eating frozen yogurt. Despite what the sign out front says, they only carry one flavor of yogurt at a time – and it’s usually a fruit flavor, which isn’t my favorite. Despite my silly aversion due to the sign, I was happy to make a return trip in the name of research for this blog – and in fact, I have made two!

On my first visit, I noticed they offer a four scoop sampler. (I believe that’s the only way to get multiple flavors.) I love samplers and this one comes in a long dish perfect for sampling them all and comparing. Ross got one flavor like a reasonable person. One scoop is a little pricey at $3.90 plus tax, but for $6.75 plus tax you can get four! Here’s what we thought.

Butter Pecan: Although it doesn’t have a real crunch to it (which bugged Ross), I loved this buttery flavor with a great consistency. Really tasty!

Grapefruit Sorbet: Wow, this isn’t very sweet – which I loved! The grapefruit flavor is so prevalent. This is light and refreshing and has that sour flavor too of course, it’s full of fruit and so good!!! The only slight ding is that it melts faster than ice cream.

Irish Cream: Very tasty. The texture was a little hard/thick for my taste; perhaps the alcohol contributed to that. It’s a fun, sweet flavor with nice subtlety to it.

Bash: The dark Dutch chocolate base of this ice cream is just outstanding. It includes brownies, walnuts and chocolate chips. Those add-ins aren’t my favorite, but it was worth it for the base. Ross loved it as is.

Coffee: I loved how strong this flavor was! I am very picky about my coffee ice cream and this one really made me happy. Well worth it.

In the name of some more deliciousness, we made a return visit a few weeks later. Our flavors follow.

Mochaccino Flake: A coffee base with a crunchy chocolate mixed in. It’s a great combo, I loved the texture of the chocolate!

Green Tea: It’s an awesome consistency and a fun flavor that oddly reminded me of being a child…not my favorite green tea, but I respect it!


Littleton is very luck to have Bishop’s. Make a visit soon before the season ends!

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